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During the commercials, there is an "exclusive Hell's Kitchen Extra Helping", in which we see Aaron, the sobbing guy from season three. Gordon claims that he's the contestant he least would like to be on a desert island with, which doesn't exactly explain why he made a cameo in season four. Is this "exclusive for television" content that doesn't show up on Hulu? That's kind of weird.

Back from commercials, there's no bleep in the "poor souls" line. Weird. Anyway, Carol and Giovanni are conferring over the potatoes. Carol tastes one and says it tastes excellent. Then she tastes another and admits that not all of them are excellent and spits it out. She starts poking the potatoes with tongs, presumably trying to locate the unservable portions. Chef Ramsay wanders over to the blue kitchen and has some questions about Ben's pomme fondant. Specifically, Chef Ramsay turns out to know what "pomme fondant" means; it's supposed to be potatoes cooked in butter, nicely done. But Ben blanched the potatoes instead and interviews that apparently "pomme fondant" means something completely different to Chef Ramsay. We see Chef Ramsay check with sous chef Scott to verify that this isn't some American thing where we just call it something different, but Scott's on Gordon's side. Ben interviews that Chef Ramsay's vocabulary is foreign to him, and so is Chef Ramsay himself. While that is literally true (since we're talking about a French term being used by a Scottish chef), I don't think it will get him out of this. Chef Ramsay shouts at Ben for awhile about the potatoes.

Back on the Red side, Carol has tried pouring cream on the potatoes and cooking them a little longer. This has just made them runny and gross. Andrea: "There was no saving those potatoes. None whatsoever. They just looked like [bleep]. They looked like [bleep] [bleep]." I agree with Andrea. The potatoes are a lost cause. Chef Ramsay digs in at Carol: "This is supposed to be your exciting menu. Really?" Ouch. Chef Ramsay widens his focus and shouts at the entire red team to come up with an alternative.

Over in the blue kitchen, some entrees could start leaving, but Robert needs three and a half minutes more on two filets and two halibuts. He's pretty clear on how long it will be and explains that he missed one of the halibuts, which does not prevent Chef Ramsay from shouting at him about slowing the kitchen down. Robert interviews that he's working both the meat and the fish station. Chef Ramsay abruptly switches gears: "Don't give up, Robert! Don't you dare give up!"

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