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Danny interviews that he thinks he's better than both of them anyway and that both Robert and Ben have pros and cons. Thanks, Danny.

Down in the dining room, Chef Ramsay asks Danny for his decision. After a commercial break, it's Ben. Ben is shocked, but Danny feels he's met his full potential. Chef Ramsay calls both Ben and Robert forward anyway, because he was just screwing with Danny. Ben why should you stay? "I bring a foundation of leadership. I go balls to the wall." Chef Ramsay does not feel that Ben has shown leadership, especially in the area of cutting meat for someone else's station. Chef Ramsay compares Ben to a snake in the bushes. Anyway, Robert? "When I come out into this kitchen, I wear ten percent of my heart on my sleeve, and the rest goes deep into the food, and goes directly to the customer's mouth." Well, that's just gross. Stop doing that. Also, Robert thinks he's the best chef here.

Chef Ramsay considers. He announces that he will send home "the person who has sabotaged their team and the person I feel personally has given up." That's a weird phrasing. Is he going to do some kind of double-switcheroo and send home someone from the red team? "Carol. Jacket off, and you're leaving Hell's Kitchen." Yup. He's just screwing with everyone. Ben hugs his teammates and I suspect he's crying. Ramsay says that Carol never made a comeback after her potatoes.

Carol is disappointed.

Ben interviews that he's relieved to be staying, and also makes the somewhat worrying claim that "Only God knows what a [bleep] soldier I am." Yeah, it's hard to claim to be "God's Soldier" without sounding like a serial killer. Oh, and Andrea is glad Carol's gone and Robert's glad to be here.

Next week: Robert threatens to step on people's necks! Chef Ramsay supposedly tells two chefs to take off their jackets, but I notice that there are people in black jackets in the kitchens, so it's probably just a merge. And there's a phone call that leads to a shocking announcement where Gordon Ramsay allegedly shuts down Hell's Kitchen.

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