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We're Going to Sea World!

Benjamin vs. Jason. They both know what fennel tastes like, but not kidney beans, butter lettuce, or mussels. It seems like they're just guessing based on the texture. It's still 2-2.

Nilka vs. Jay. Jay thinks Kobe beef tastes like corned beef. Nilka says turkey. They both miss cashews. They both get cilantro. So going into the last item, it's all tied. The food is eggplant. Nilka says prunes. Jay gets it right, winning the challenge for his team and making him the only person to get even 50% correct.

The blue's team prize is to go to Sea World. Seriously. They'll be swimming with dolphins, which I guess is cool, but honestly, a day out at an aquatic-themed park is kind of a weird prize. Meanwhile, the red team's punishment is to rush out and bring in stuff from trucks occasionally. Holli complains about Fran losing them the challenge by not getting any right. As opposed to Holli's sterling 1-3 record.

The first delivery is bags of ice. The red team drags them inside and complains a lot. Benjamin tries to keep a positive attitude and says stupid catchphrases like "Team work don't seem work." Fran comments that they ought to have a dolly or something, which is a good idea. The next truck is full of wine, and Benjamin checks the invoice first.

Sea World. Which is in San Diego, not Los Angeles. So I guess they flew the blue team down there and didn't mention it? What, San Diego's not classy enough to get mentioned? Or did they blow their private jet money already? Anyway, there are killer whale shenanigans.

Drama! JP waves the wine invoice at Benjamin to show him that it says "Gordon Ramsay at the London", not "Gordon Ramsay at Hell's Kitchen." It's been a few seasons since the Wrong Invoice Trick worked! So the red team has to drag the wine back out to the front door. Not the loading dock, for some reason. Meanwhile, in San Diego, Autumn is a little freaked out by having to kiss the giant toothy mouth on a dolphin.

A van pulls up at the kitchen, and the guy inside claims he has a delivery for Gordon Ramsay: packages for Mr. Red and Mr. Blue. When the blue team gets back, the packages get opened. This is how Gordon has decided to tell the teams that they're in charge of the menus tonight. He probably has a court date or something to be at.

The teams split up and start brainstorming. Benjamin wants to start with salads and waxes rhapsodic about sunchokes. Then he says other people have to contribute, and we learn that Nilka has not heard of most of the vegetables that Benjamin just listed. Benjamin's main goal right now is to get ideas up on the board. He suggests mussels marinara, and a barely interested Nilka asks "How do you make it?" Sigh.

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