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Blue team. Jay explains that the goal is to keep the menu simple and easy to do. They all seem to be on the same page, and say "simple" a lot. The red team has problems, largely stemming from Benjamin not agreeing with anyone and retreating to a smug "I'm a professional" whenever he's challenged. Nilka suggests rice and Benjamin calls it "poor food." Classy.

The prep begins. Jay is confident that their menu should be easy to pull off. And as any viewer of Kitchen Nightmares can tell you, Gordon Ramsay likes fresh local ingredients, prepared simply. Also, I just thought of a great way to game this challenge. You make your menu sound awful. Then everyone in the restaurant will order off the other team's menu, and they'll crash and burn!

Chef Ramsay whooshes into the kitchen to sample the dishes. He spits out Benjamin's arugula and sunchoke. He has a lot of suggestions for the red team, although he emphasizes that it's advice that they don't have to take. He loves all the desserts, which are all by Holli. Good for her.

It's the blue team's turn. This one salad gets this review: "If I was a [bleep] rabbit, I'd be [bleep] wetting myself. That's a joke." I think he means the salad is a joke, but I don't understand the rabbit part. He hates everything, describing it as bland and too easy. He hates the fruit compote, which is really just a few berries in a glass with cream on top. So the blue team is doing practically a whole tear-down on the menu while the red team just needed to add a couple of ingredients to a couple of dishes.

Service! Each customer will be choosing what menu to order from, which means that the two kitchens will have to synchronize orders to keep tables happy. Ed gets in trouble immediately for slicing duck before he's supposed to. However, appetizers somehow get out to the customers. And Benjamin gets some undercooked shrimp and undercooked pasta sent back. Then he shuts down and refuses to talk to anyone as he redoes the food. Chef Ramsay spots Benjamin not talking, so he intervenes. Benjamin reluctantly allows Nilka to help plate, and then immediately shoves her out of the way. Eventually, Benjamin realizes that he's allowed to tell his teammates "No, I do not want help," and that counts as talking to them.

The red team's menu is not very popular, apparently. This is worrying for Chef Ramsay. Holli has trouble getting Nilka to bring her food to the pass at the right time, and Chef Ramsay takes exception to Holli's politeness. He doesn't like "Are you coming?" He would prefer that Holli bring her food up, then drag Nilka up after her. Jay is in the weeds on the fish station, which I think is probably because he's got a lot of orders. We see a shot of a table with two red dishes (which have been served) and two blue dishes (which have not)

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