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The red team, meanwhile, is almost done with their entrees. But some raw potatoes get sent back so everybody has to come poke them for Chef Ramsay's entertainment. He claims that Kimmie's given up and that Tiffany doesn't care. I think it's more likely that they're not competent to work in a kitchen at this level, but I guess Ramsay could be right. Dana smugly informs us that she warned Tiffany five hours earlier that the potatoes were crunchy. We do see a flashback in which she says they're not done. Then we see them sniping at each other in the kitchen, because that's always an exciting change of pace on this show.

Blue team. Justin has some meat. They're slightly overcooked, which makes Robyn very happy. He tells Chef Ramsay that it's going to be another six minutes, which does not make him happy. People in the dining room complain about not getting their food promptly, which can't come as a surprising development.

Kimmie snipes at Tiffany. The female sous-chef tells Tiffany she's the sloppiest chef she's ever seen and throws her out of the kitchen. Dana works on the potatoes, which are still crunchy. She adds cream and puts them in the oven. She does it again and again but they won't be done. It's the last table! Dana's final word: "I told her they were mad crunchy, dude." Man, who talks like that?

Blue kitchen. Chef Ramsay gets bored while waiting for some fish so he makes everybody line up for abuse. Brian admits in an interview that his fish wasn't cooked. The blue team gets thrown out as a group. And only one day before retirement. I mean, um, one table before the finish.

Up in the dorm, Justin and Clemenza snarl at each other about that time Clemenza missed a fish order.

Chef Ramsay has Sous Chef Scott finish out the blue team's service. This mostly takes the form of Scott pointing to the New York Strips that are already out and resting.

The red kitchen also gets its final table out of the way. Chef Ramsay tells them, "Switch off, clear down, and [BLEEP] off." The red team's spirits lift when they discover that the blue team got kicked out, because they figure they probably won't be the losing team this time.

Post-dinner shouting. Chef Ramsay tears up the comment cards, which means they won't affect the result. Not that they ever do. He says it was the most shocking dinner service yet. I've said this before, but I think Gordon Ramsay has a dangerously low shock threshold. He accuses the blue team of not caring, then dwells on the red team's raw potatoes and lobster. There's no winning team. Dana wails in an interview that she's confused and wants someone to tell her what's going on. She should have watched this show before, because this is not exactly an unprecedented result.

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