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Back on the red side, Suzanne's got the wrong assortment of normal and medium lambs. She gets shouted at for a bit until she fixes it. But she's not the only one in the hot seat, because Sabrina's frog's legs are insufficiently coated in garlic. Tennille cheerfully tells us that everything on her right stunk it up.

Meanwhile on the Andy show, Andy's crepes are lousy so Kevin takes over for him. Chef Ramsay finally notices that Andy isn't doing anything and throws him out of the kitchen. In an interview, Andy claims that Chef Ramsay "just yells to yell." Well, yes. You should have watched the show before going on it. He also alleges that Chef Ramsay is a douchenozzle. Andy, you see, is a paragon of class and taste, which you can tell because he's the sort of person who uses the word "douchenozzle".

So a furious Chef Ramsay comes over to the red side and shouts about some lamb that's well done instead of being rare. He makes everybody touch the lamb and then throws Sabrina and Suzanne out of the kitchen. Tennille and Ariel are all alone in the kitchen and Heather chips in. Good for her.

Both kitchens somehow get to their last tables. Tennille and Ariel are justifiably relieved. After the service, Chef Ramsay acts disappointed and points out that having three chefs thrown out has never happened before. Yeah, but that's just because he randomly threw Sabrina out. Anyway, the teams are to work together and come up with two people to nominate.

In the dorms, Andy tries to argue that he doesn't want to go up. Well, I'm sure he doesn't. And Suzanne makes excuses for her overcooking and Sabrina admits that she didn't season enough. The sensible choice is clearly Andy and whoever got yelled at the most from the red team, which is Suzanne. Everyone pretty much agrees with that. Suzanne thinks she's a good chef and a team player, but the rest of her team disagrees. Everyone on both teams talks about how much they hate Suzanne while she sits alone in another room smoking. Kevin points out that if they send Suzanne and Andy, Andy might go home. But if they pair Suzanne with someone else, who knows? Well, I do: Ramsay's already shown that he'll send home whoever he feels like, regardless if they've been nominated. My advice: don't get cute. Anyway, Kevin just wants to put up two women to protect Andy.

Down in the dining room. Ariel says that the first nominee is Suzanne, for bringing the pace of the kitchen down. And the second nominee is Andy because of inconsistencies in service. Clearly. They step forward. Suzanne, why should you stay? "I do know how to cook meat." Chef Ramsay cuts her off and asks Ariel and Tennille if they'd be better off without Suzanne. They claim they would be. Andy, why should you stay? "I had an injury and that really [bleep]ed me up tonight." Unfortunately, Dave has been working with one hand and doing great.

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