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The Shouting of the Chefs

Chef Ramsay lines the teams up to tell them that "for the first time ever" (that's a phrase he uses almost as much as "the most amazing") they'll have sorbet prepared tableside. Ariel is assigned to this for the women, while the men are told to just have it handled by whoever's not busy. Oh, that can't possibly go wrong! Anyway, Gordon's word for the night is "consistent".

Customers arrive! They order food! Andy's on garnish. Kevin tells the team that he's prepared to jump in if Andy can't hack it. Andy claims that he will indeed hack it.

Tennille complains about Suzanne's scallops being too dark, and then also complains about Suzanne ignoring her. Wasn't it just a couple of episodes ago that Suzanne was telling Tennille how to cook scallops and Tennille was complaining that chefs shouldn't do that? Suzanne presumably gets a certain amount of pleasure out of Chef Ramsay's declaration "nice color on the scallops there!" She also gets vocal, in-our-face pleasure out of it. There's a lot of gloating on this show.

On the men's side, Kevin's risotto is also deemed "very nice" and it's time for the sorbets for both teams. Ariel takes a cart out to a table and is able to take her time a little and make pleasant conversation. Kevin runs the blue sorbets out while Van covers his station. Van's first risotto is bland. Doom! He re-seasons it and sends it out to the disappointment of some diners. But the diners just complain to Kevin, not the waiter, so it never gets back to Chef Ramsay.

Now it's time for entrees! Amanda's on garnish, which she feels is the toughest station because it's involved in everything and it's closest to the pass, which means it's the easiest station for Gordon to yell at. Plus, she had a problem with this pasta dish. That's better than Andy, though, who seems to be answering "I don't know" to an awful lot of questions. He thinks the problem is that no one remembers what they're supposed to be doing, but surely he should know what dishes are coming, right? Chef Ramsay shouts at the blue team a bit about not seeming to be paying attention.

Now Sabrina (meat station) and Suzanne (fish station) have to work together, but Sabrina needs four more minutes when Suzanne's ready to go to the pass. When the food finally leaves the pass, it's sent back for being raw. Sabrina feels that it's Suzanne's fault for rushing her, and her mood is not improved by Chef Ramsay throwing her out of the kitchen to eat her raw lamb and think about what she's done.

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