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The Shouting of the Chefs

Tennille is swapped onto the meat station and tells Chef Ramsay that the time for the next dish is three minutes. Suzanne tries to overrule her and say two minutes, but Tennille will have none of that: "Listen. I just gave him three minutes firm. Now it's two minutes and forty-five seconds." For a fleeting seconds, I like Tennille, but then we go to another of those interviews where she shouts everything for no reason.

Sabrina is called back from exile and admits that the lamb was undercooked.

Suddenly, the men are close to finishing their dinner service. Andy reports that they're about three orders of mashed potatoes short, but they might possibly make it. Andy starts portioning the potatoes veeeeery carefully. On the women's side, Suzanne is a minute late with some sea bass, then has to admit that it's not ready in time and that she killed the table. There's a big flurry of curses from everyone, although you'd think there should be some kind of reward for not just throwing the raw fish on a plate the way these guys tend to do. Tennille shouts an interview about how Suzanne "SUNK! THE! SHIP!"

The red team redoes that table while the blue team panics about Andy running out of mashed potatoes on the last couple tables. Sous chef Scott shouts at them while Dave tries to make more quickly. Chef Ramsay finds out what's going on and sends Andy out into the dining room to apologize to the tables. Ramsay is also not happy about some uncooked halibut, which Suanne is quick to disavow all knowledge of, saying "I didn't even work that, chef!" See, she asked Amanda to cover it for her. And now she's throwing Amanda under a bus. A bus named Gordon Ramsay! Amanda is ticked off about that, and I can see her point.

Gordon shifts into Drama mode, moaning about how it isn't possible that the chefs could be this bad. Yeah, yeah. It's not possible this week, it wasn't possible last week, and it won't be possible next week. So there's more shouting.

Blue side: Dave believes he has created four portions of mashed potato, which means that Chef Ramsay likes him. Andy is standing around glumly, which Chef Ramsay doesn't like. However, both teams successfully send out all their orders. Service completed!

After the service, Chef Ramsay feels that "both teams are equally weak", but that the blue team is the winner. Then he switches gears to tell the red team that the blue team whipped their asses. Tennille is sent upstairs with the task of deciding which two people to nominate. Obviously she'll be sending Suzanne. I knew that even before she shouted it at me. Suzanne is soon defending herself in front of the entire team against charges of non-team-memberly conduct and also bus-under-throwing. Tennille makes a good point when she tells Suzanne that whenever Chef Ramsay asks if food is ready, Suzanne always answers "I am, chef!" even if the rest of the order isn't. Tennille says that the correct answer is "Chef, we'll be ready in two minutes!" She's right, too. Anyway, Tennille really wishes she could just send Suzanne instead of picking a second nominee.

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