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The Shouting of the Chefs

Back down to the dining room! Tennille's first nominee is Suzanne, for a lack of teamwork and arrogance. Her second nominee is Sabrina, who hasn't stepped into the role she needs to. They step forward and Gordon arbitrarily adds Amanda to the chopping block lineup. Suzanne, why should you stay? "I give my full every day". Also she thinks this is personal. Tennille firmly denies that she's being spiteful. Although she definitely is being spiteful. Chef Ramsay listens to Tennille a bit, then shakes his head and pinches the bridge of his nose to get through it. Sabrina, you're up! "I believe I should stay in Hell's kitchen because I am a team player." She claims that the only reason she did poorly is that she kept having to cut new lamb to keep up with Suzanne. Suzanne protests, and then Tennille protests about Suzanne's protests, and Gordon tells them all to shut up. Amanda also defends herself, but not very interestingly. Finally, Suzanne is sent ... back in line! Drama! Amanda... is sent out of Hell's Kitchen.

Tennille shouts at us again. And we're done!

Discuss this episode in our forums, then see how vlogger Sean Crespo thinks the season finale of HK will play out in No Prior Knowledge!

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