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Anyway, up first: Christina and Bryan. He tells us he trained for this, but not with a pound of wings in his stomach at the time. He and Christina put on the earmuffs and blindfolds and get to tasting. Beets first, which ought to be an easy one, and they each get it. Then shallots: they both say onion, which is probably the most understandable taste-test error anyone can make. Turkey: Bryan calls it "very dry turkey" but Christina says "tofu," much to Barbie's chagrin. They end with an easy one, pineapple, and each one gets it. Three to two for Blue, with Ramsay mocking Christina for guessing tofu.

Barbie versus Robyn. Grits first: Robyn says rice, Barbie says cauliflower. Kimmie's kicking herself for sitting out. It's easy to not compete and then point out others' flaws, Kimmie. Both of them miss out on turnip -- Robyn says "pear" while Barbie says "carrot" -- and sea bass -- Robyn: "halibut?" and Barbie: "crab?" Cilantro is the last one, but Robyn says "tarragon" -- REALLY? -- and Barbie gets her first correct answer. Dana's pleased by Robyn's goose egg, and the teams are tied at three.

Tiffany versus Clemenza! Ramsay -- stifling his disgust at Clemenza's wriggling tongue -- feeds them lamb, and they both guess chicken. Then, sweet potato: Tiffany guesses carrot, and Clemenza goes for mango. Eggplant: Clemenza's Italian heritage utterly fails him and he guesses turnip, while Tiffany fumbles around before coming up with green beans. The last one is walnuts, and Clemenza guesses peanuts. But Tiffany gets it right, giving her team a one-point lead.

So it's down to Dana and Justin. The first item: the ubiquitous scallop. Justin gets it, while Dana guesses "tofu." Then it's fig. Both chefs get it right. Radish next: Justin gets it, as does Dana. Justin's three for three, and the narrator's reminder that no chef has ever had a perfect score likely wasn't done randomly; still, I was a little taken aback when Ramsay revealed the final ingredient was "sunchoke," mainly because I've never heard of the damn thing. The teams groan when they find out when their teammates have to identify, but Ramsay points out it's in the risotto.

Anyway: Dana guesses carrot (Ramsay can't believe it) so Justin can break the tie with a correct guess. After the commercial, he nails it (unsurprisingly) and Ramsay praises his extraordinary palate. Dana thinks Justin was cheating somehow. Nevertheless, Blue's reward is a day at a waterpark, which they'll have to themselves. As for Red, they're in for, according to Ramsay, the most difficult punishment in the history of Hell's Kitchen. It's delivery day, plus they have to restock both kitchens.

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