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...and find out it's an iPad, so you can certainly understand what ALL THE FUSS WAS ABOUT.

Anyway, they play a video of Ramsay who hopes they're having a wonderful time in the dorms before outlining how they're about to get crazy: tomorrow night's dinner service will be Red menu versus Blue menu, and they have one hour to come up with three appetizers, three entrees, and three desserts.

Dana's excited, because she thinks it's a great opportunity to show Ramsay what they're made of. You know, besides cigarette ash and yelling. Speaking of which, the team members are getting along, except Kimmie suggests mussels for an appetizer and gets shot down by Dana. Kimmie whines about how her team always puts her on the back-burner (even though Kimmie does it to herself a lot too). She also suggests a beer-battered crust for the halibut, and no one thinks that's a good idea. She whines about that briefly before reclining into a good, long sulk while the rest of her team comes up with ideas that won't stop your heart.

Over on Blue, Robyn has a myriad of ideas, none of which Justin, Mr. Perfect Palate himself, likes, since they all sound like something you can get at a deli. Lobster roll? Can you get good shellfish at delis now? "I don't really feel like she has a fine-dining sensibility," he says. Justin and Bryan, best friends forever, are muy simpatico, and things are stitched together to look like Bryan loves everything Justin comes up with while Clemenza and Robyn couldn't get snubbed at every turn.

Kimmie's last-ditch suggestion -- barbecue sauce for the ribeye -- is met with horror from her teammates, but then they decide to compromise by coming up with a more high-falutin' name for it.

The next morning, both teams get down to work with a lethargic Kimmie unable to do anything without asking everyone else what she should be doing and how she should be doing it, including, mind you, the very barbecue sauce that she volunteered to make. Her teammates' taste-tests of it don't go over very well, although I'm not sure what Christina's problem is when she says all she can taste is honey and Jack Daniels, because that made me perk up IMMEDIATELY. Then Kimmie slops half of her sauce over the stove. Eventually, Christina gives the thumbs-up to the sauce she come up with.

Over in Blue, Clemenza slops some sauce all over his brand-new jacket, and rather than facing another lecture from Ramsay, he heads to the dorms to clean himself up. Only now it's his teammates who are getting annoyed.

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