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Previously: Giovanni was switched from the blue team to the red team and apparently helped a lot. Lacey did poorly in the challenge and then stomped out of the prep. Carol got called a "nasty little bitch" by Gordon and then called Andrea a "stupid bitch" in an interview. Gordon called LA a "stupid cow" and also threw J out, out, out! Get out! Andrea and Carol didn't like each other at all. All of the blue team hated Lacey, Lacey hated Robert, Gordon hated Ben, but J was the only one who left.

Going up to the dorms, Giovanni tries to convince Carol that her goal should be to win, not to fight with Andrea. Carol interviews that at this point, she'd rather work with The Hated Lacey than with Andrea. LA tells Lacey that she's lucky Chef Ramsay doesn't see what goes on behind the scenes, and I think I agree. Ramsay only really sees the actual cooking, not the punishments, where Lacey has walked out on her team twice. LA thinks that Lacey is only in this for the prizes and the trips, not because she really thinks she could run a million-dollar restaurant. Well, I'm not so sure any of these people will really be "running" Chef Ramsay's restaurant for him. Lacey wants to continue to learn, and Robert tells her that everyone but her has more skills, so she should be trying to learn from them instead of fighting them. Lacey interviews that the only person whose opinion matters is Chef Ramsay.

It is a full moon. Again! Man, even Survivor showed a non-full moon this week.

Everyone's lined up in the kitchen. Chef Ramsay explains that they'll be working on tartare of beef and tartare of scallops. Well, how hard can this be? It's raw! Chef Ramsay demonstrates his method of mixing raw, chopped ingredients and asks Lacey if she likes tartare. Lacey has never had it. While the rest of us roll our eyes, Chef Ramsay asks if anyone apart from Lacey has never made tartare. No hands are raised. Chef Ramsay passes around the two dishes, and then tells everyone to eat up.

But there's a secret twist! The beef tartare was made with tuna. And the scallops? Sea bass. Will the chefs notice? Let's watch! Remember, nobody raised a hand to admit that they hadn't cooked tartare before. Everyone heaps praise on the dishes. Ben loves the scallops. Robert loves beef. Chef Ramsay tells them about the twist, and Carol interviews, "Damn, I'm a moron!" That's some good self-awareness right there. Chef Ramsay mocks Ben for claiming it was "the best scallop I've ever had" (although we didn't actually hear him say that; what we saw was him calling the scallops "phenomenal"). Robert: "At least I'm not the only idiot!"

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