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So the challenge is a taste test. Carol interviews that this is the challenge she was looking forward to. Before we start, the teams are uneven and someone from the red team has to sit out. LA volunteers immediately and takes a little flack for not being confident in her palate. LA interviews that she doesn't have a great palate, and is also a smoker. Pretty much everyone on this show is a smoker, from what I can tell.

Round one: Andrea vs. Ben. Blindfolds and headphones on! To test the headphones, Gordon calls Ben a "fat [bleep]". Each chef will taste four foods. First up is filet mignon, which Ben thinks is sirloin and Andrea thinks is liver. Next, both identify fried egg whites (as "egg") and beets. Andrea thinks romaine lettuce is celery, but Ben identifies it as diced romaine. So it's 3-2 blue team.

Round two: Robert vs. Giovanni. It's turnip, but Giovanni thinks it's asparagus. While he's saying that, Robert starts shouting "Cream of cauliflower. Or broccoli. Broccoli broccoli broccoli broccoli broccoli. Broccoli. Cream of broccoli." That's a funny word. "Broccoli". It's also wrong. Anyway, next up is pea tendrils. Giovanni says spinach and interviews that he's never heard of "pea tenders". Well, it's really "pea tendrils", but I've never heard of them either. Robert goes with watercress and interviews that he's obviously not a big "pea tendrils" kind of guy. Next, Giovanni thinks "lobster" tastes like "poached egg yolk" which is both wrong and hilariously specific. Robert goes with "mushroom", and everybody watching is lavish in their disbelief. Seriously, mushroom and egg yolk? Finally, it's black truffles. Danny whispers that Robert loves truffles (there's room here for a joke about him being a pig, but I am above that sort of thing), and Ben goes so far as to declare to Chef Ramsay that this is a guaranteed win, since truffles are Robert's favorite food. Robert, what's the verdict? "Tastes like [bleep], whatever it was." Nice job, dummy. The red team finds this very amusing. And once he's informed what it was, Robert seems to find it pretty funny too: "Ain't that a bitch!" Then he interviews that he is not Helen Keller. Giovanni also denies ever having tasted black truffles in his life. No score either way, so it's still 3-2 blue.

Round three: Carol vs. Lacey. Lacey guesses "daikon" for the mushroom, but Carol nails it. Next, Calf's Liver. That seems needlessly specific, and Carol gets the point with "It's gross. It tastes like liver!" Lacey guesses foie gras, and even the red team goes "Awwww!" with how close she was. Neither of them can identify broccolini (who was a painter in the thirteenth century, I believe). Both of them identify sweet potato, but it's pretty clear they're both guessing. It's now 5-4 red team, and both Lacey and Carol did pretty well. Better than Robert or Giovanni, anyway.

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