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Finally, Paula vs. Danny. For the final round, Chef Ramsay will give them a dish with ten ingredients, and they'll go back and forth naming things. The dish is minestrone soup. Go! Danny gets points for chicken stock, carrot, celery, but then misses with salt and chicken. Paula wrongly guesses potato, water, and sausage before getting points for beans and bacon. The score is now tied and each chef has one guess left.

But first, commercials! Coming back, I paused my Tivo so I could get a look at the Hell's Kitchen building. It's a huge one-story building in an office park somewhere, and if the dorms are in the same building as the kitchen, that means the sky isn't really visible. Then I spent about twenty minutes poking around the internet to see if I could find out exactly where it is, followed by identifying the address, looking at it on Google Maps Satellite view, and then actually finding the web page for the people that rent out this specific property and looking at their pictures. Did you know that the Hell's Kitchen building (for seasons 4 and 5, anyway) is 57,728 square feet? Finally, I quit stalling and got back to recapping.

Danny goes with Madeira, which is wrong. Paul says celery, which is right. The red team wins a photo shoot for "an exclusive magazine feature with TV Guide". TV Guide? Well, I guess it's technically a magazine. Andrea talks about being excited. The blue team is told they'll be involved in the photo shoot, but only in the sense that they'll be cooking food and serving the winners throughout. Oh, and they'll be prepping both kitchens for dinner service tonight. They are vexed.

The red team is in hair and makeup. Carol tells us that she has salon experience and would gladly do Chef Ramsay's hair for him. Ben appears with a tray of drinks and says "Can I interest you in a bit of sparkling apple cider?" He sounds a little sarcastic, but not entirely. When Lacey offers Giovanni a chocolate-dipped something, she's so not into it, that I can't even make out what the something is. When she turns around, I can see it's a strawberry. Lacey interviews that she's always wanted to have her hair and makeup professionally done. She says she has a face made for magazines, and she doesn't really. I think she might have been really cute in high school and never noticed that her looks changed. Lacey interviews that she hates all of them and doesn't want to wait on the snooty bitches. We get an example of the alleged snooty bitchery when someone asks for no bleu cheese on something.

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