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A Farewell to Nitwits

It's on! Robert is on hot appetizers for the blue team and interviews that he loves to sauté. Love in your dreams, man. Go with yourself. Paula's on hot apps for the red, and her risotto is too salty. Robert's first spaghetti is too ample. Chef Ramsay reminds him that he's cooking for the customers, not himself. Good one! Chef Ramsay sends Ben over to help Robert, who doesn't want the help. Ben interviews that he'll help anyone because he's the best chef on his team. Some food gets out to the customers. On the red team, Paula has a much better risotto. We jump forward 45 minutes, and Eric McCormack is apparently just now ordering. His table goes to the blue team, who are told it's a VIP order. Danny interviews that he doesn't do anything extra for VIPs because (all together now) he puts 110 percent into everything he does. The appetizers for Mr. McCormack are acceptable to both Ramsay and McCormack.

Carol's going to be a little late with some well-done meat, and Chef Ramsay wants her to put her oven up to 500 degrees. She's worried about burning the other dishes, and Chef Ramsay accuses her of being "ditzy". Then he yells at Paula to keep an eye on Carol and her alleged ditziness. Chef Ramsay goes back to the blue side to yell at Lacey not to screw up Eric McCormack's meat (oh, grow up!) and she throws a full-body sulk. Ben asks her to talk to him, and she answers, "I don't know!" Danny asks her if her lamb is reheating. Her answer: "No! I can't... guys, I'm serious!" Danny encourages her to breathe. They're trying so hard not to upset her and to get her to do the job. Danny tries cooking through her, telling her when to grab a pan and put it in the oven. She gives it a try but is soon back to announcing that she has no idea what is happening. Chef Ramsay asks how long the food will be, and she throws her hands in the air helplessly. A pan catches fire and she doesn't even know what was in it. Gordon: "What's the matter with you?" Lacey: "I can't cook meat, chef!" Gordon: "What d'you mean you can't cook meat?" Lacey: "Obviously I'm way too confused--" Gordon: "Madam! Madam! Get out!" Well, honestly. At this point, even Lacey would admit she doesn't belong in there.

Chef Ramsay chases her into the pantry. They have a brief conversation, if that word can be applied to a scene where one person is shouting and the other is bemoaning her fate. Lacey claims that she does want to make the effort required to cook and is allowed back into the kitchen. Ben convinces Lacey to talk to just him, blocking everyone out. She can't remember which of her beef wellingtons is well done, so he tries something with the smallest one. But it looks like he burns his hand before he can get started and that breaks his paper-thin grip on politeness so he stalks away. Ben starts to tell Lacey he needs her to do something, and she snaps, "You need to put me on something easier than [bleep] wellingtons!" I'm sure he'd love to, but I'm also sure that the chefs are assigned their stations by Chef Ramsay, who would not appreciate people switching off willy-nilly.

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