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A Farewell to Nitwits

Meanwhile, in a moment of levity, Robert's pants have split. He doesn't stop, though.

On the red side, Carol is having trouble with communication, not telling Andrea if it's safe to bring John Dory up to the pass. And when Carol brings her lamb to the pass, Andrea isn't ready with the sauce, which makes Chef Ramsay angry at Andrea ("Hurry up! Rapidly!"). Andrea blames Carol, Carol blames Andrea. Robert Patrick likes his food. It's time for the VIP entrees on the blue side, though, and Ben is ordered back to his station, which makes Lacey immediately start despairing. She keeps saying "I can't cook [bleep] meat!" as though that's an acceptable excuse on a cooking show. Chef Ramsay yells "VIP! VIP! VIP!" at Lacey like he's a particularly patriotic citizen of the Valorous Independent Patriarchy or something. Lacey starts flapping her arms ineffectually and asks for three minutes. Chef Ramsay can see the food clearly and wants it in one minute. Lacey is completely befuddled. She can't even form words. Finally, she just brings what she has up to the pass on the theory that maybe she'll get lucky. Hey, it's absolutely worth a try, right?

Well, it doesn't work. The lamb is awful. Gordon shouts at her again: "It's not good enough! Get out! You're not good enough! Piss off!" He catches up with her in the pantry and tells her that she's obviously wasting everyone's time here. She agrees and he takes her jacket. Chef Ramsay makes Lacey go into the kitchen and say goodbye to everyone, which she does while obviously on the edge of tears. The blue team all sort of half-nod to her. Robert is not sympathetic in an interview which involves the word "bee-atch". Lacey interviews that it has not been a particularly pleasant experience. She leaves. So that's the second person to leave in mid-service.

The blue team is down to three chefs: Ben, Danny, and Robert. Chef Ramsay tries to pep them up a little and calls out the VIP order again. Somehow, they start getting entrees going and Eric McCormack likes his lamb. Red entrees come back because Carol's wellingtons are rare, not well done. Her replacements are also undercooked. LA is frustrated because her garnish is all cued up and she has to wait. On the blue side, entrees are going well. Ben and Danny are nice and loud. The last ticket comes in and they shout "Yes, chef!" nice and loud. Ramsay likes that sort of thing.

When Chef Ramsay asks Carol where the chicken is, she claims it's coming. Ramsay: "Yeah, so's Christmas, madam." Carol claims that the chicken was sitting right there and someone must have taken it. Then she finds it. Chef Ramsay comments acidly to JP that "Ditzy's nail broke!"

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