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The remaining blue team gets their food out before the red team, although we're ignoring desserts as usual. Chef Ramsay shouts at the red team for awhile, calling them pathetic, and then tells them to switch off their ovens.

The chefs line up in the kitchen. Chef Ramsay praises the blue team's teamwork and says they win "by a mile"! He accuses LA of being asleep tonight and tells the red team to come to a consensus about which two chefs should go home. They go to the dorms (I've decided to stop calling it "up" to the dorms because I'm pretty sure it's on the same floor) and the red team talks about their lack of teamwork. Carol says she'd nominate herself and Andrea. Andrea would nominate Carol and LA. Carol reminds us that she and Andrea hate each other. Paula would say Carol and LA. LA accuses Paula of being super-best-friends with Andrea. Giovanni is called upon to be a tiebreaker, and he says that he'd pick LA over Andrea, because he thinks Andrea could run a kitchen better. Andrea says that there is no way she's going home tonight, or even up on the chopping block.

The red team lines up in front of Chef Ramsay in the dining room. He asks if they've come to a consensus, and the answer is both "no" and "kind of". Nice consensus! Chef Ramsay doesn't want to put up with this and calls on Paula. Paula puts up LA ("Her services have been okay, nothing superb") and Carol ("A few bad services") but admits that Andrea was the other candidate. Gordon asks who nominated Andrea, and Carol and LA say they did. Andrea smirks, thinking that this demonstrates their obvious bias. Then she rolls her eyes in disbelief when Chef Ramsay calls all three of LA, Carol, and Andrea up in front of him.

Andrea, what would you rate yourself out of 10? "Six." Why so high? She blames communication with the meat station. Andrea would send LA home, because she feels that Carol has initiative. Carol and Andrea claim they work differently but get the job done; Chef Ramsay points out that they didn't get the job done tonight. LA thinks she's being nominated not because of her cooking but because of her lack of communication and emotion. Carol wants another choice and would send Andrea home because LA has been consistent. Finally, the person leaving tonight is... "Carol. Andrea. Back in line. LA, take your jacket off." I disapprove of using tortured grammar in an attempt to mislead the audience. Anyway, LA's going home. She isn't pleased. She claims that she purposely doesn't show emotion in the kitchen because "Emotions are weakness. And I will never be weak. Never." Well, that's a whole weird area I don't wish to get into.

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