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Day 10, Part I

Using the same private plane Jen and Julie were treated to, Ramsay whisks Bonnie and Rock off to Vegas. I could never be on one of these shows because I could never get that excited about going to Vegas. On the Champagne-fueled flight, Ramsay reminds them of their Hell's Kitchen highs and lows, which means...MORE CLIPS! After Bonnie and Rock squeal over a suite they don't actually get to sleep in and a plasma screen playing a promo featuring them, Ramsay drags them off to "have a little drink and relax." I'm sorry, but Ramsay using the word "relax" should have been the first warning sign that there was no way in hell there would be any relaxing going on. Bonnie and Rock find themselves on an outdoor stage in front of a screaming crowd FOX dragged off the strip just for this event.

Ramsay announces that Bonnie and Rock have 30 minutes to whip up their signature dishes, which will then be judged by various Vegas chefs, Robin "I'm not dead, I'm just in Vegas" Leach, Season 1 Winner Michael, Season 2 Winner Heather, and the Executive Chef and General Manager of the Green Valley Ranch Resort. Luckily, Bonnie and Rock have Mary Anne and Scott to help them out in the kitchen. "Where did they come from? Did they stowaway on the jet?" the Evil Dr. Mathra wonders. Naw, they flew it. Rock prepares fried chicken with crab cake, and Bonnie makes her version of fettuccine Alfredo with Key West shrimp and lobster. Bonnie wins the taste-off, but I'm predicting they did that just to give her a feeling of accomplishment when she loses the war, because I'm sorry but Rock? His wife? Their kids? His career? There's no way he can lose to a little blonde from Santa Monica who woke up one day and just decided to be a chef.

After the taste-off, Ramsay gives both Bonnie and Rock golden invitations to eat at his chef's table at his new New York restaurant, Gordon Ramsay at The London, and then the two competitors are back in their Hell's Kitchen dorm, eating a "last supper" together. Bonnie asks, "Who's Jesus and who's Judas?" Does that make Ramsay Pontius Pilate? Because someone's certainly getting crucified.

The last moment of interest in this episode is when most of the ousted contestants arrive at the dorm the next morning. Most seem happy to be there, except for Julia, who can't stop crying. It's not a loud, sobbing sort of thing, though; it's more like the kind when you just can't stop the tears from spilling over no matter how hard you try to dry them up by opening your eyes really wide and tipping your head back to make them go back down. Poor Julia. I really hope she can get it together and take Ramsay up on his offer to send her to culinary school, because her career is the one I care to follow when this is all over. Down in the kitchen, Bonnie and Rock pick teams. Bonnie's taste-off win gives her the first pick, and she goes with Jen, while Rock goes for Brad. In the end, it's back to boys against girls with Julia and Josh being the last chosen.

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