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Gordon Ramsay's Bleep-O-Fucking-Meter: 40
Contestants' Bleep-O-Fucking-Meter: A whopping 61
Ramsay Quote of the Night: "You guys are [bleep] a bunch of losers."

Last week: The red team won the challenge and the blue team blamed Jen. Well, Jen didn't, but the others did. Then each team made a menu, and Gordon didn't like the blue one, which was heavily Jen-influenced. During the dinner service, Jen, Louross, and Matt got yelled at. Corey and Christina worked pretty well together. Petrozza said Louross should go home, and Ramsay agreed. Anyway, Jen and Matt got flopped back to their original teams, so it's Red Team (Corey, Christina, Jen) vs. Blue Team (Bobby, Petrozza, Matt). For now.

I noticed in this set of Previouslies that they reminded us of the prize. Did you remember that the prize this season is to "work with Chef Ramsay in his new Los Angeles restaurant"? Did you notice the phrase "work with" instead of "be the executive chef for"?

As soon as the chefs are dismissed, Jen tries to talk nicely to Corey and Christina. That's a good idea, but I don't think it's going to help; Christina interviews that they were glad to get rid of her and now feel like they're stuck with her again. Corey and Christina commiserate (in the bathroom, I think) about how they don't like Jen but did like Louross. Corey's plan is to make Jen's life "a living hell". I hear that's what blondes do when they conspire. I read it in a Judy Blume book. Possibly every Judy Blume book.

Meanwhile, Jen is hanging around the patio with Petrozza and Bobby. Petrozza is astonished that Matt is still around. Yeah, join the club, pal. Bobby refrains from outright trash-talking, but he certainly doesn't defend Matt or anything crazy like that.

Everyone goes to bed. It is still a full moon. What are the odds? The next morning, they get a call to go do something. I'm a little distracted by the presence of leopard-print panties. That's not what I thought I'd see on a cooking show, you know?

The chefs are herded onto SUVs, blindfolded, and driven to a rooftop somewhere. Chef Ramsay informs them that the building beneath their feet will be "The New London West Hollywood". I capitalized all the words there because I'm not sure what part is the actual name of the restaurant. It looks like a random collection of adjectives and city names to me. He further informs them that one of them will definitely become the Executive Chef, which frankly makes me kind of leery of eating there.

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