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Next, Christina did a pan-seared sea bass. Chef Ramsay describes it as "quite fascinating," but in a good way. Corey shares a high five with Matt because they both made acceptable dishes. Petrozza brings up a chicken breast stuffed with prosciutto and duck confit. It's okay. Corey made an asparagus, pea, and lobster soup. It's tasty, but Gordon isn't happy that she didn't use the whole lobster. Is he going to be mad at Jen for not using an entire cow? Let's find out: she thinly sliced a rib-eye, which he interrogates her about closely before terming it "a very dangerous dish, but you pulled it off." Finally, Bobby has made some kind of duck soup, which is a great movie. It fails, but just barely.

Chef Ramsay says that all the dishes were very good, but it's between Jen and Christina. He heaps praise on both dishes and finally (after like twenty dramatic music stings and some commercials and more music stings) picks Jen. She bursts into tears at the news that she's going to Las Vegas to have dinner with Rock. You know, the guy who won last season? Jen gets to pick one person to bring, which seems like it will be hard since she doesn't like any of them. But she picks Corey, who seems surprised. Me too; I thought they despised each other. Christina cheerfully interviews, "When Jen won the challenge, I was disappointed. But I don't wanna go to Vegas with Jen. She's a bitch!" She says that last part in kind of a confiding whispery tone that I enjoy very much.

The punishment for everyone else is that they have to unload the delivery trucks. Meh. That doesn't sound that bad. Anyway, Jen interviews that she's had issues with Corey, but she's had issues with every single person there. And at least she should be able to have fun with Corey. I can see no fault in her logic. Corey interviews that Jen is a big fakey fake and that she's not falling for it.

Outside the kitchen, Christina jumps into the truck and takes charge of the paperwork, checking each item off the list and making sure everything's there. This has the side effect of making the other chefs do all the box-carrying. Sure, the other chefs are all the men, but they still notice how she avoided doing any heavy lifting. Also, Matt is eye-rollingly disgusted by the idea of rotating stock so the new stuff goes to the back.

In Las Vegas, Corey and Jen are impressed by the suite. It looks pretty nice, but we cut back almost instantly to the kitchen, where Christina is jogging backwards in front of the men on the way out to the trucks. Matt is a big whiny baby who's racking up the bleeps, and they eventually get out to the truck, where they have to get two bags of ice each. Matt complains constantly, saying he wants to be sent home, until Christina calls him on his lousy attitude. He responds just about as you'd expect: "Shut up, Christina." In an interview, he expands on that theme, calling her a "whiny little [bleep]". Man. Dude doesn't like carrying ice, I guess. Not his thing.

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