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Chef Ramsay tells Matt to go upstairs and lie down (which is a good idea if he really has a migraine), but Matt mysteriously wants to work. We go to commercial on Ramsay yelling "Get out!" We actually hear him say it twice, but I think he only says it once.

No, I take that back. Coming back from commercial, we get to see him say it. It's definitely "Get out! [bleep] get out!" There are many more bleeps on the way back into the kitchen. Jen smugly interviews that they all have migraines, but it's not stopping her. Christina (alone on the meat station, which I think is a Clive Barker story) runs across a pot of burnt rice on her station. Apparently Jen just left it on the heat, so now she's being told to leave the kitchen and go up to the dorms. Well, she claimed to have a migraine, so she can lie down for a bit. She interviews that she completely forgot that she put it on. But Chef Ramsay's not done: Christina didn't notice a pot of burning rice this whole time? She's sent to the dorms too!

That seems like a lot of people being sent out, doesn't it? Chef Ramsay thinks so, because he tells all the remaining chefs to [bleep] themselves and closes the kitchen.

Later, everyone's in the kitchen getting yelled at. Everyone is supposed to come to a consensus on two people to get put up for elimination. They're dismissed, but Matt wants to talk to Chef Ramsay for a minute. Ramsay deflates and says "Oh, [bleep] me." Matt wants to complain about his migraine some more. Super. Chef Ramsay is in no mood to stroke Matt's ego so he just tells him if he, Ramsay, were in his, Matt's, position, he'd be fighting for his life. Somehow, Matt takes that to mean that he's Chef Ramsay's favorite and that he has a real chance to win.

Matt joins everyone up in the patio, and they inform him that it's unanimous that he's going up. Matt's eloquent and mature response is to say "Anyone who wants to [bleep] put me up there, it's gonna be a waste of [bleep] time." Why? "I'll fight that [bleep]. Put me up there! I don't even give a [bleep], because you can all [bleep] yourselves. Kiss my [bleep] ass already." In an interview, he expands on this sentiment: "They're all a bunch of [bleep] worthless pieces of [bleep]. You put me up there, I guarantee you all go home before me." Matt leaves the patio to lie down, claiming that he'll get the last laugh. Corey watches him leave with a disbelieving look on her face and makes an ancient Teutonic gesture. Man, can you imagine having this guy as your head chef? Giving wise counsel to the contestants on the next season?

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