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Bobby's opinion is that Matt "deserves to get kicked off the universe," and we move on to the phase where they need to pick a non-Matt candidate. Various names are thrown up, and Corey even nominates herself. But we don't learn who it is before we go to the dining room.

Petrozza puts up Matt on the grounds of bad service and lousy attitude. Corey puts up Christina because she was also on the meat station, but mentions that she thought she herself should have gone up. Ramsay agrees, so it's Matt, Christina, and Corey. Corey, why should you stay? Unlike Matt, she didn't quit. Matt? "I keep getting picked on by everyone." Also, did he mention that he had a migraine? Christina, what about your lack of experience? Well, she thinks it's about heart, not experience.

Matt: go home. Finally! What an idiot. Remember that time he made Chef Ramsay throw up with his "signature dish"? He interviews that his career isn't over. Oh, I think it is.

Next week: A cooking school for models or something. Live lobsters. Squealing. Petrozza thinks the models are cute. The chefs stand in ascending order of height again, which is always funny.

See the reasons that we here at TWoP wouldn't be caught dead eating at Hell's Kitchen.

Montykins is just glad Matt's off the show. Monty also watches a lot of movies, which he writes about on Monty on Movies. You can email him at montykins@gmail.com if that's your idea of a good time.

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