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Dinner service is over (which implies that the desserts all went fine) but Ramsay is still annoyed at how spotty things are. Like everyone else, he's disappointed that the top five contestants are lucky to finish a dinner service. Christina is the standout of the night and is told to nominate two teammates for elimination. I'm guessing Jen and Bobby. Is that racist?

In the dorms, Christina interviews Petrozza, saying that she didn't see much of that side of the kitchen. Then she talks with Corey and they reflect on what Bobby's whole deal is. Jen thinks she'll be sent home, although she doesn't think she was the worst.

Down in the dining room, the five chefs are lined up according to height, making them look like the Cingular symbol. I'm pretty sure I stole that joke from someone in the forums, but I forget who it was and the forums search isn't helping. Sorry! Anyway, Christina nominates Jen and goes into detail about why. Christina's second nominee is Bobby "based upon his performance tonight", which is what they always say when they really want the other person to go.

Jen! Why should you stay? "I'm gonna keep giving you my all and I'll give 100%." Aren't those the same thing? It doesn't mean anything to begin with, but I don't think it helps if you just rephrase it and say it again. Chef Ramsay feels that when Jen gets criticized, she slows down.

Bobby! What's up? Bobby admits to being bad tonight and tries his hand at some sucking up: "Thank god for you for being at the pass for stopping that food, because you stopped it before the customer got it. I didn't look at you like you were yelling at me. I looked at you like you were saving me." Chef Ramsay cuts him off, asking "Are you running for office?" Yeah, he laid it on a little thick there. Bobby claims that he's a better cook that Jen because he doesn't crack under pressure. Jen claims she's better, since she's organized.

Chef Ramsay asks Christina for her opinion, and she says that she feels that Jen should go home. Chef Ramsay says "The person leaving Hell's Kitchen... the person leaving Hell's Kitchen... is Gen...eral Bobby." See, because the "Gen..." sounds like "Jen". It doesn't come across in writing, really. If this were a Weecap-on-tape, you'd have been properly misdirected. Point is, Bobby's going home.

We see a montage of Bobby's greatest hits, which are mostly that time he said he was the Black Gordon Ramsay and the time he picked Petrozza up and dragged him back down to the kitchen. Then he calls himself a general a couple more times and alleges that he's leaving with his "joy".

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