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Petrozza's making a Monte Cristo with ham and turkey, topped off with "a spicy sauce." That's kind of vague, isn't it? He interviews about how his sandwich will have a zip. He goes into detail about the zip. He's really thought this zip thing through. Jen's making grilled grouper with rum butter sauce and mango salsa. It's described as "Calypso Grouper" in the caption, and I applaud her for being the only one not to be making a sandwich. There are thirty minutes to go and Jen comments that it's not a lot of time. It really isn't. I certainly couldn't feed eighty people on an hour's notice. It sometimes takes me that long to decide what type of canned soup to heat up. The correct answer is sometimes: "To hell with it; I'm ordering pizza".

Corey has trouble scaling her fish and knocks a zucchini on the floor. Meanwhile, Christina has made up a song about heirloom tomatoes. The words are "Heirloom tomatoes... heirloom tomatoes... whoo-hoo!" Jen finds Petrozza's sandwiches amusing, interviewing, "Petrozza's sandwiches looked like a heart attack dipped in a stroke with a side of cardiac arrest!" Yes, they do look delicious!

There is a frenzy of plating, and Corey doesn't have any food plated with 25 seconds to go. She seems to make it just in time, but is worried that she won't have enough. The mysterious eighty customers come in and they are... pregnant women! Gordon claims that they actually count as 160 customers. I note that the music is kind of slow and heavy, like you'd hear during a cartoon featuring a drunken elephant. That's a little mean.

Jen is gleeful on the theory that pregnant women will eat anything. All the food gets served, and Corey has problems when she has to go back to the kitchen to get more food. She interviews that if the customers had been men, she might have been fine. But since they were "bitchy pregnant women," she fell behind. And while Corey is in the kitchen, Christina brings a platter of her own food over to Corey's unattended line. Nicely done! Petrozza goes on about his sandwiches and their zip. Jen feels that having done a non-sandwich, she should get extra credit. Meanwhile, Corey is frantically trying to catch up.

There is eating and voting and tabulating. Corey is fourth place. Jen's third. There are only two votes separating first and second place, and the winner is Christina. She's on a pretty good roll at this point. Her reward will involve shopping in Beverly Hills, and she likes the idea. Gordon says they'll be "blowing over a thousand dollars." The punishment for the losers is to clean up the dining room, shine up the silver, and so on. I think this is more the kind of task the season's "winner" will be able to look forward to. During the cleaning, Jen comments on how much of Christina's turkey is left on the plates. She also snacks on the food, which I think is weird. Corey and Jen both think Christina is the wrong person to go shopping on Beverly Hills, since she doesn't even like clothes that much. It could have been worse. At least it's not Petrozza.

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