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In the back of a limo with Gordon, Christina explains that all her clothes are black and white because she knows they automatically match. But it's a high-class store with a personal shopper, so she doesn't really need to know anything. In the dining room, Jen grumps and complains, although Petrozza's sunny disposition keeps her from complaining too much. It kind of looks like Corey, Jen, and Petrozza are bonding. Or at least they aren't actively hating each other. Back in the Beverly Hills Store (Lisa Klein), we get our second look at an iconic silhouette I will refer to as "Mudflap Girl". I guess that's the store's logo. It's always a good idea to use an image that's already in the public domain. Christina Pretty-Womans her way through a clothes montage.

When Christina returns to Hell's Kitchen, Corey and Jen grit their teeth and make her show them the clothes she bought. Then they wait for her to leave and talk about how bad the clothes were. Jen believes that she would have done much better, which I think is the first time she's told us that she's better at prizes. Before, she's just been telling us how much better she is at the actual competition. Petrozza interviews that Corey and Jen were vicious, and I agree.

There's prep. Christina interviews that she "won the service...again" with a little eye-roll. It's one of those falsely humble things where she's pretending to be astonished at how great she is. When she gets down to the kitchen, no one answers her repeated requests about what needs doing. Jen interviews that now that we're in the final four, it's every person for him or her self. That would mean more if that hadn't been Jen's motto since the beginning of the competition. We don't see if anyone ever speaks to Christina, but I'm assuming they eventually do. We go to commercial on a shot of her crushing some ice.

Coming back from commercial, we get practically the same segment as we had before the commercials. It's weird. Once we get past the part about nobody talking to Christina, Petrozza interviews that teamwork is the key, all the way through the last challenge. He's got a good attitude, but have you read Gordon Ramsay's book? There's a whole section in there about how he hates messy chefs. I'm just saying. Anyway, then Corey interviews that she was just being jealous about losing the challenge, and everything is all sunshine and daffodils once more in Hell's Kitchen. Except for Jen, probably.

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