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Back to entrees! Chef Ramsay harasses Corey about the John Dory to the point where, according to her interview, she figures she'll get yelled at no matter what, so she brings the fish up to the window even though they aren't cooked yet. It passes Chef Ramsay and goes out to the dining room. But them it comes back. Chef Ramsay: "What's the matter?" Jean-Philippe: "She would like to have it cooked, chef." Corey gets yelled at. When Corey says that the Dory is "coming now", Chef Ramsay's answer is "So is [bleep]ing Halloween."

Petrozza's station is messy, and Chef Ramsay yells at him for it. He says that Petrozza's doing a great job and the meat is excellent, but he's too messy. There is a flurry of desserts, and the service is over. After the stoves are off, Chef Ramsay dispenses high-fives and declares it their best service ever. But somebody's still going home. The team will come to a consensus on which two people to nominate. Go!

In the dorms, there is hand-wringing about which half of the four remaining contestants should go home. Jen says, "Damn. I'm actually getting a heart attack, you know what I'm saying?" At least, I think she says "heart attack." Petrozza thinks she says "heart now", which leads to this awesome interview from Petrozza:

"You cold bitch. You finally feel like you have a heart? Why, because you know that there's a good chance that your ass is going on the chopping block? That's why you feel like you have a heart? Or are you just full of [bleep]?"

No one wants to decide, so Corey suggests that they each just write two names on slips of paper. The two names are supposed to be different, but there are three votes for Christina, and neither Corey nor Christina voted for her. Corey is convinced (in an interview) that it was Jen. Anyway, the top two nominees are Jen and Christina. Jen has one of those shouty interviews about how great she is and how threatened everyone is by her. Corey, Christina, and Petrozza have further strategic discussions.

Down in the dining room, Chef Ramsay thanks the chefs for a good service. He asks Christina for the first nominee, which is Jen on the grounds of bad teamwork. The second nominee is -- oh, an ad for Kitchen Nightmares! Should I count the Gordon Ramsay bleeps that happen in the commercials for other shows? There are a lot of judgment calls in this job! -- anyway, the second nominee is Corey. Bum bum bummm!

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