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Why Corey? For the challenge, mostly. And because the team wants to see more out of her. Corey, why should you stay? "I didn't come back awesome, but I did come back." Also, she spends a lot of time helping other people. Jen and your smirk: why should you stay? Passion, and she wants the opportunity. Corey, what separates you from Jen? "I'm a more honest person. She's lied to us when it comes to eliminations, putting people on the chopping block. There's been a few things, Chef. And I don't think that's someone that you need --" Jen cuts her off to blather about teamwork and wanting to win.

Chef Ramsay has heard enough. "The person leaving Hell's Kitchen is...Corey. Say goodbye to Jen." No one can parse that sentence, since it could still go either way. But it's Jen who's going home. She gets a pep talk about never stopping and keeping her head high. Then she interviews about how great she is, allowing that her attitude could use work.

So, the top three is Corey, Christina, and Petrozza. Christina is glad that Jen is gone. Corey thinks she can win. Petrozza is still here. Now [bleep] off!

Next week:.A shocking mystery guest! High expectations! Each chef runs the kitchen. We see Petrozza shouting, but it's probably just that thing where each chef has to prove they can berate Chef Ramsay. And at the end, Christina is in tears, Corey says Christina lied, and Petrozza says Christina should go home. Man, that seems like a lot more information about the ending than they usually give out! But I won't know about it because I'll be at Disneyland instead of watching this fool show. Just watch, it'll be the one week where everyone magically looks competent.

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