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First up, Mark Sargeant, from Gordon Ramsay at Claridge's in London. Petrozza explains that his balsamic vinegar reminded him of paint, so he made a paintbrush out of a green onion and some leeks. Of course he did. Mark is not crazy about the paintbrush. Christina says "we" a lot when describing her dish. Mark says it's a touch bland, but lovely. He chooses Petrozza, who's up 1-0.

Next, Angela Hartnett of Cielo in Boca Raton. She compliments Petrozza's dish and criticizes Christina's. 2-0 Petrozza. Next, Stewart Gillies of the Boxwood Cafe in London. He finds Petrozza's dish "a little one-sided" and goes with Christina. 2-1. Next, Simone Zanoni of Gordon Ramsay au Trianon at Versailles. He objects to risotto as part of a main dish and goes with Christina. It's all tied up and Josh Emmett of the Gordon Ramsay at the London-New York (seriously, isn't that a confusing name?) will decide the winner. He comments that Christina's garlic adds flavor to the dish, which does not strike me as earth-shattering news. Christina interviews that Josh is their (potential) future boss, which is interesting. Petrozza is worried that Christina will win again, but Josh eventually picks Petrozza as the winner. Congratulations, Petrozza.

Petrozza's reward is to pick first when they're selecting teams. And Ramsay makes a big deal out of how Petrozza will get to pick first from "all the contestants", but is he really going to want whoever it was that went out first? (It was Dominic, the stay-at-home dad) Surely they'll just pick from the last half of the season, like usual.

And suddenly Whoopi Goldberg enters the room! That's unusual. Today, I was in an arts and crafts store, and I suddenly realized I was ten feet from Rosie O'Donnell, who was doing a book signing. It's that sort of thing: an out-of-context, unexpected celebrity. Anyway, Whoopi dispenses hugs and good-lucks. And then the chefs are whisked off, and I assume an actual party happens once those guys are gone.

The chefs arrive back at Hell's Kitchen at 2:00 am and see what's been happening with the redesign. Petrozza just says "Woooow" but Christina freaks out about some white window treatments. And there are stripes. Stripes?! This is her special day, dammit! John (the designer, remember?) also has a problem with a fireplace and wants to move the dividing wall a few feet into Christina's side to make room. She doesn't like it, but accepts it. But she is willing to fight to the death about these stripes! Who authorized wallpaper with stripes? Well, according to a flashback, she did, saying, "I definitely like the stripes better." Uh oh! This flip-flopping could torpedo her chances if the design of the restaurant were going to make any difference at all to the final outcome, which of course it will not. She interviews that she hates the wallpaper and the window frames and all that. Petrozza says "Wow" a lot and Christina freaks out. "I'm freaking out" she says. She also thinks she might vomit, because she hates not having control. She has new suggestions about repainting the window frames and tries to go to sleep.

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