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Oh, come on! There is a shot of the moon, and it's a half-moon. They're just messing with me now, right? The one time they show a moon that's not full, and it's in the same episode as two full moons? It hasn't been two weeks since they were in New York, right? This moon thing is really bothering me.

Now it's morning. There is brushing of teeth, and Petrozza and Christina are summoned to the kitchen. It's time to select their chefs. They're introduced along with more flashbacks, which I'm sick of. It's Bobby, Ben, Corey, Matt, Louross and Jen. I think the key is to avoid Matt. Everyone else can at least cook. Also, Christina should try to avoid people who actively hate her, which I think is Ben and Jen.

Petrozza goes first, taking Bobby. Christina takes Corey. Petrozza takes Ben. Christina takes Louross. Petrozza has a choice between Jen and Matt, and Christina interviews that she'd prefer Matt to Jen, since she can't stand Jen's attitude. Petrozza interviews that he doesn't really want either of them. And the answer is...it's the end of the show! Seriously, that's the cliffhanger? Which annoying person ends up dragging down which team? Yawn.

Next week: Petrozza vs. Christina. Someone wins! Jen supposedly interviews "My heart's really not in this", but she's in black and the two teams are red and blue, so it probably doesn't actually happen.

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