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The Final Showdown

Christina shows Chef Ramsay her dining room. It looks fine to me, although I realize it will not matter at all. There's soft focus and tinkly piano so you know it's supposed to be classy. Chef Ramsay likes how comfortable the chairs are and appears to quite like the dining room in general. Petrozza's side is described by Ramsay as "rustic", "nice", and "comfortable". Sure, whatever floats your boat. So both dining rooms are fine, then. Glad we established that.

It's time for the pre-service haranguing. "Not the first ticket, not the second ticket, every ticket." Then Petrozza and Christina try to hype up their staffs. Bobby and Louross seem the most excited. Each side has thirteen tables with fifty diners. Matt is quiet, claiming that he's focusing. Bobby exhorts everyone to "man up", but Jen would prefer to "woman up". I would think that would be fine, but Bobby doesn't appreciate it. Petrozza shakes hands with Jen, wishing her good luck. That's nice. Petrozza seems awfully sincere, doesn't he?

And now we're off! For real, this time. Christina calls out her first table, and Louross is really, really excited. He tips his head back to shout "Yes, chef!" as loud as he can, and he's totally into this. See, I think there's a chance he's realized that this is how people are going to remember him, so he might as well do a good job. Or he's just naturally enthusiastic, I guess. That's also possible. Either way, he's not moping around. Petrozza also has his first dish, and I discover that it's funny when highly focused people shout the word "strudel" a lot. "Strudel" is a funny word. Strudel strudel strudel.

Off to the side of the kitchens, Chef Ramsay talks to the camera about how things are going. I was just thinking that I bet it's stressful for Christina and Petrozza, who have to run the kitchen but don't get to cook anything. But what about poor Gordon? Not only doesn't he not get to cook, he doesn't even get to shout at people all night! Also, there's a guy who looks like Agent Smith from The Matrix. I think he's security or something. Gordon wants to see if the energy stays this high.

Well, I guess I was wrong about Chef Ramsay staying out of the way, because he's back inside the kitchen, commenting on Christina's sliders (they look "appetizing") and muttering "come on come on come on" a lot. Meanwhile, Petrozza wants Bobby to deliver the appetizers "quick, fast, and in a hurry". The apps come, but they're cold. So Petrozza has Jen put some foil on the plate and reheat it. Now he's freaked out and begging everyone to test everything before he gets it. Chef Ramsay is delighted and does another of those side-of-kitchen mutter-views where he praises Petrozza for catching the mistakes and being on top of his brigade. Appetizers start showing up properly and Bobby is back to being a four-star general. Sheesh.

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