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The Final Showdown

Christina gets frustrated because Louross is falling behind on salads and sends Matt to help out. It does not look like Matt is much help, because he's asking constant questions about every single step, so now Louross is managing Matt and even less work is getting done. Christina interviews, "No offense, but -- salad is easy." I'm not sure she's wrong about that. Meanwhile, Petrozza is shocked to hear from Jen that they're out of cheese for the frisee salad. I don't know what that is (it's pronounced like the Frisée in "Bichon Frisée"), but it involves bleu cheese, which they're out of. Jen explains that the station wasn't prepped, which, of course, was not her fault. And now Bobby's about to run out of strudel! This seems like it's probably down to Petrozza's lack of organization. Chef Ramsay harasses Petrozza, who has nothing to say for himself. Ramsay threatens to shut things down, which seems extreme.

So what does Petrozza do, knowing that he's running out of two of his three appetizers? He gets Bobby to come up with something else with the ingredients he still has! So now they have lobster risotto, which the customers seem to like. But Christina's on entrees. That would be good news, if the customers weren't describing them as "luke-warmish". Petrozza has a rare lapse into Schadenfreude, interviewing that Christina's customers returning their food is good news for him. Chef Ramsay is magically over Christina's shoulder (I wonder if he's the angel or the devil?) telling her to feel the steaks. Refire! Corey interviews that this will back them up and gets Matt to make the garnish. Matt gets things done and before you know it, everything's back on track. Jean-Philippe makes sure that the customer with the luke-warmish steak is now happy.

Back to Petrozza. We see empty tables while Petrozza carefully arranges tiny green things on a plate. Chef Ramsay shouts at him to get his brigade to help, and he finally asks for help. And that's much faster! Back to Christina: Matt's monkfish is raw. Matt mutters, "How the [bleep] did it get raw?" I don't think things get raw. I think they start that way. Chef Ramsay praises her for catching it, and she interviews that "The fish came up raw. Raw raw raw." That's the spirit! Raw raw raw, sis boom baw!

Chef Ramsay shouts at Matt a bit, and Matt goes sour. He mutters "Shut up already", and it kind of looks like Ramsay is going to go over there and take him apart. Then Matt claims, "It tastes [bleeping] good, that's what counts." Really? Your raw monkfish is delicious, is it? Anyway, Chef Ramsay is looking to Christina to do something about this, as Matt travels down the rabbit hole of delusion. Now Matt says, "Shut the [bleep] up, you ain't stealing my thunder." Matt has thunder now? Louross is theatrically shocked at this and tries to pep Matt up. It does not work, and now Matt is telling Louross, Gordon Ramsay, and pretty much the entire world to "Shut up." That's about enough for Gordon, and he calls Matt over to [bleep] at him a bit. He does not throw him out of the kitchen, though; he just tells him to shut up and cook.

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