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The Final Showdown

The winner will be determined by comment cards and Chef Ramsay. There are misty water-colored flashbacks. The final two go to Gordon's office, and Christina is talking the whole time. She's not really saying anything, though. It's just nervous chatter. In Gordon's office, he tells them the decision has been agony. They both have strengths. They're worthy finalists. He's watched them grow (over the three weeks or so that they record the show). Christina and Petrozza each step up to a door. They'll each turn a handle, and the door that opens will determine the winner. And the winner is --

Christina's parents are here. Petrozza's girlfriend and father (these are different people) are here. Petrozza came here to win. Christina thinks it's go time. Open on the count of three. One. Two. Three. They open the doors. And the winner is--

Hey, it's some commercials! There's a new ad for Hellboy 2, which I think looks incredible. I'm so excited about that movie. Okay, anyway. We come back from commercials, redo some of the delaying, and show the last minute of the show again. That gives me a chance to make fun of the phrase "Open the door to your dream." This is a cooking reality show, not a Terry Gilliam movie. Okay, enough stalling. The winner is (after the longest music sting ever)--

Christina! I'm surprised. And I find that I'm pleased. I liked her, and I think the role she'll actually play at Gordon's restaurant will be better suited for somebody just out of culinary school, you know?

Petrozza has no hard feelings and talks about all the beautiful people he's met. Gordon interviews that Christina had the best potential and that he thinks long-term. Yeah, I like Christina, but I think there's a chance that he was thinking a cute blonde would sell better than a schlumpy guy. I love Petrozza, but let's face it, he's schlumpy.

Next week: Nothing!

Montykins is pretty hungry now. You'd think he would have learned to eat before the show. Monty also watches a lot of movies, which he writes about on Monty on Movies. You can email him at montykins@gmail.com if that's your idea of a good time.

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