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Day 2

Chef Ramsay berates both teams for awhile, claims to have three thousand dishes between his ears, says that Jean-Phillippe got it bad last week, and appoints Craig and Rosann to be Assistant Maitre' D. Upstairs, Petrozza mopes about having to study the menu.

When Petrozza returns to the kitchen, Chef Ramsay takes him into the storeroom, kicking Jason out. Does Petrozza think this is a joke? Does Petrozza think this is Comedy Central? Does Petrozza want to make Chef Ramsay look stupid? What's the menu, starting with the desserts and working up? That's not entirely fair in my opinion, because there's no point in knowing the desserts this early in the show. They'll be lucky to get to the entrees. But be that as it may, Petrozza takes a shot at it, getting as far as Valrhona Chocolate with a black cherry sorbet, which Chef Ramsay informs him does not exist. It's is a [bleep] Valrhona Black Chocolate Fondant with Black Cherries. That sounds pretty good. Petrozza is banished back upstairs to start again. All he can say is "OK", but he says it a lot.

Upstairs, Petrozza sits in a chair, smoking a cigarette, and informs the camera that he is done. And then Bobby rushes in from offscreen, takes the cigarette from Petrozza's hand and physically drags him upright and buttons his jacket for him, all the while keeping up a line of generically motivating patter ("It's all right, it's cool, it's cool") while Petrozza stands there like a sack of oatmeal protesting that he's done. I like Bobby's attempt to pull things together here. He's assuring Petrozza that if Chef spends this much time with him, that must be a good thing, and generally doing a good job of getting Petrozza to un-quit and get back in the kitchen. Good job, Bobby.

And Petrozza is now able to list some more dishes: the filet mignon, the canon of lamb, and (after some charades by Chef Ramsay) the chicken and the pavé of salmon. He receives a slightly sarcastic round of applause from Chef Ramsay, but the high five seems genuine. Chef Ramsay: "Now get in the [bleep] kitchen --" Petrozza: "And work my [bleep] ass off." Actually, Chef Ramsay was telling him to work the meat station, but I'm sure Petrozza's answer will do.

Jean-Phillippe! Open the doors to Hell's Kitchen, please! Is it just me, or does the "please" kind of undercut the coolness of the phrase?

Ooh! We get a really good look at the menus, which I'm excited by because I kept hoping Petrozza would rattle off the dishes and then I'd know what they are. For the record:

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