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Day 2


Pan-Roasted Scallops, Broccoli Purée, Pan Fried Quail's Eggs, Crispy Bacon
Smoked Ham Risotto, Pea and Mint Salad with Shaved Black Truffles
Tian of Crab with Marinated Avocado, Confit Tomatoes, Black Olive Tapenade
Watercress Soup, Poached Hen's Egg and Potato Salad
Caesar Salad with Seared Tuna and Fresh Anchovies


Poached and Roasted Chicken with herb Gnocchi, Girolles, Sherry Jus
Roasted Fillet of Beef with Truffled Polenta and a Red Pepper Piperade
Lamb Wellington with Minted Potato Purée, Braised Baby Carrots
John Dory and Langoustines with Pink Fir Potatoes, Artichokes and Carrot Purée
Pavé of Salmon with a Warm Salad of Cucumber, Olives, Tomato Butter Sauce


Passion Fruit Crême Brulée with Bitter Chocolate Sorbet
Valrhona Chocolate and Black Cherry Fondant
Pear Tartin with Anise Ice Cream
Chocolate Soufflé, Mint Ice Cream

Yay! Take that, misspellings!

While I was typing that, Jean-Phillippe was instructing Rosann and Craig in the finer arts of hand-waving and customer-smoothing. I think they should recommend whichever dishes they're most confident in their team delivering on time, but we'll see.

The first order comes in to the blue team, and Louross wants the team to be "Too smoove for the groove". I'm pretty sure I have that correct. But 37 minutes after the house opened, Rosann hasn't taken an order. That seems strange, but the men only have two tickets, so it's not like she's wildly behind.

First blue appetizer has some quail's eggs that are below par. There are hardly any whites on them, for one thing. Rejected! Bobby is on appetizers, but his scallops have to come from Jason on the fish station. In no time, they are squabbling about whether scallops have been fired and Petrozza has to calm them down.

The first order for the women comes in at 45 minutes in. The men's second try at the quail's eggs is good enough for Chef Ramsay, and food is sent out to customers, who claim to like the scallops.

Chef Ramsay compliments Corey's risotto, which leads her to interview, "I was honestly, like, super-impressed with myself," which I enjoy a lot.

The men have served all their appetizers (good for them!) and move on to appetizers. Jason claims the halibut is ready to go, but Chef Ramsay disagrees, describing more as "raw". Jason tries to cover, but Ramsay exasperatedly tells him to shut up (as Bobby smirks with glee) and then makes everyone come over and feel the cold, raw fish.

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