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Day 2

The post-mortem features the word "pathetic" frequently, and the ladies are the losing team. The men successfully got half of their entrees out. Corey is declared "best of the worst", apparently on the strength of that one pan of risotto.

Jen interviews about how she doesn't like Sharon ("AKA Barbie", which would be a pretty good name for a spy show). Normally at this point we'd see a series of scenes where Corey interviews each of the members of her team, but instead she's having a beer in Ben and Bobby's room. It might be a Rolling Rock.

Corey's first nominee "for strategic reasons" is Christina. Apparently she treats Corey "like a dumb blonde". Her second nominee "for personal reasons" is Jen. Ramsay's response, perfectly logically, is "Cor, [bleep] me." At least don't advertise that you're doing these things for personal and strategic reasons, Corey! Ramsay doesn't care who you don't like; he wants to get rid of the worst performer. It can't be a good idea to just tell him that's not what you're doing.

Christina tearfully defends herself against the charge of being condescending to Corey. Matt stifles a laugh. Jason does not stifle his. Corey looks smug. Jen's argument is that she works hard during prep. I'm sure that's useful, but is that important? The editing would have us believe that Jen goes on for quite some time about her prep awesomeness, dissolving ahead and cutting together sentences. For some reason, the phrase "And I've worked in Belgium" shows up and makes me laugh.

Before declaring this week's cut, Chef Ramsay insists on the importance of the prize and explains that he won't hire someone he doesn't believe in. And today, the person he doesn't believe in is... Sharon. Corey's response is both bleeped and blurred. (Spoiler: I believe she said "Fuck!")

Sharon interviews that she doesn't think Gordon liked her. Yes, because he only likes people who can cook. Ramsay explains to Corey that he appreciates her strategy, but that he has a conscience, and that meant that he could not keep Sharon. Nice try, Corey!

Jen gloats about still being here. Christina interviews that now the gloves are off (isn't it hard to cook with gloves on? Maybe she meant oven mitts) and that she'll be gunning for Corey.

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