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Day 2

Gordon Ramsay's Bleep-O-Fucking-Meter: 30
Best Food Insult of the Night: "Did you pull the skin off with your teeth?"
Best Contestant Quote: "I'm sorry, I said a curse word whimper. --Aaron

Back in their rooms after the first night's dinner service, the contestants are exhausted, and while Bonnie bitches to Melissa about Ramsay calling them "Hell's Bitches," Aaron tells his teammates that he has eaten nothing all day but an apple. He tells his team, "I want to be light because I want to be running for you guys. I don't want to be fat and slow." Because starving yourself when you're sweating pounds in a hot kitchen is the healthy thing to do. Clearly.

Mere hours after the contestants fall asleep, the sous chefs come in and bang them awake with stockpots and wooden spoons. The contestants drag their pajama-clad butts before Ramsay, who dings them for all the food they let go to waste the night before. To teach them a lesson, Ramsay sends them to catch their own fish. Before the contestants can get too excited by the prospect, however, they step out into the Hell's Kitchen parking lot and line up behind a big truck. Ramsay shoots the door up to reveal...BIG COLD FISH! I'm not quite sure what the contestants thought they were going to be doing in the Hell's Kitchen parking lot -- actually fishing? -- but their goggling reactions rival the fish. Two fishmongers hurl fish at the contestants, who have to dart forward, catch the slippery suckers, and drop in them in tubs. Ramsay makes a few small fish jokes at Eddie's kidney's expense and sends the contestants back inside, lugging their fishy tubs. On the way in, Aaron, whose system is probably screaming at him, "One fucking apple? What the HELL were you thinking?" hunches over, breathless with cramps and lets Eddie, who is half his size and probably a quarter of his weight, drag the rest of their fish in.

Back in the kitchen, Ramsay demonstrates how to properly prepare Dover sole by carefully pulling its skin away from the flesh and then squeezing the pasty orange roe out of its...roe hole. Before Ramsay can even announce what the actual prep challenge is, Aaron swears. Ramsay, clearly not shy of painting the air blue himself, still asks him what's up. Aaron apologizes and starts whimpering. The weird thing is, it's the EXACT SAME whimpering noise they had him making last week and this time it doesn't even to match his mouth and breath! I don't get it. I mean, it's not like they are inventing Aaron's complete wimptitude, so why do they feel the need to patch in sound effects? After Aaron admits to feeling confused and dizzy, Ramsay tells him to take time out for ten to fifteen minutes while the rest of the contestants dive into the prep challenge. They have thirty minutes to prep as many sole as possible. I'm not really sure why Ramsay is letting Aaron off so easily all these times. I was expecting him to lose it with him at any moment tonight but he really didn't. Maybe he's worried that if he yells too loudly, Aaron really will have a heart attack.

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