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Day 3

As the doughnuts get ready for action, Matt interviews that the animosity on the women's team will tear them apart or something. The challenge is much like last week's, but with a chicken instead of a halibut. Each chef has five minutes to break a chicken into eight pieces: breast, breast, thigh, thigh, drum, drum, wing, wing.

Oh! It's time for Jason's Misogyny Corner! Take it, Jason: "We're gonna win because we're men. This ain't the Dust and Housekeepin' Challenge here." Eh. Not his best work, I think. Full marks for stupidity, but I felt he kind of mailed it in with the hatred. I'm sorry, Jason, I can only award you 7 out of 10 this week. Feel free to keep trying, though, because I'm certain you have it in you to be an absolutely enormous jackass, and I do want you to achieve your potential.

Matt and Ben finish first and then worry about Craig's slowness. Shayna is last, and gets some encouragement while I try to figure out if she was on the previous two episodes. They wouldn't sneak a new doughnut in on me, would they?

Jen goes first, and Chef Ramsay does not care for her drums (which is what chefs call drumsticks, apparently). But she gets six out of eight. Shayna: six out of eight. Vanessa: 8/8. Rosann: 8/8. Christina: 8/8. Corey: 8/8. Even Jen applauds her, which I approve of; you have to at least pretend to be a team in front of Chef Ramsay. In an interview, Christina still hates Corey. Got it.

So the women got 44 out of a possible 48, just missing with Shayna and Jen's drumsticks. Not bad. ,p>In a special bonus installment of Jason's Misogyny Corner, Jason explains that the men will still win because "We're [bleep] men. C'mon." And then he does this thing where he sticks his tongue into his lower lip. I don't know what effect he's going for there. It is not dashing." Anyway, Chef Ramsay heaps abuse on Jason's chicken and we go to commercial.

Oh! We have the return of the episode-specific commercial-bumper pitchforks! This one is a breast of chicken being swirled around a frying pan and leaving the HK logo behind it, I guess made out of the fat drippings. Fancy!

Anyway, Jason's first piece is so bad, I can't even tell what it was supposed to be, but he still gets six out of eight. Petrozza: 8/8. Ben: 8/8. I like this challenge, because it is our first chance to see the contestants actually doing well at something. It's a nice change from the unrelenting incompetence we've been shown so far. Craig gets two out of eight, and that means the men can't catch up.

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