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Ben: "I'm just gonna keep giving you a hundred percent, chef. Every day." Matt: "I'll give you a hundred twenty-five percent, chef." Craig: "...I don't know what a percentage is." That's okay, neither does Matt, apparently. "But, just...over that."

Chef Ramsay is unable to deal with this tomfoolery, and practically pinches own nose off he's so frustrated. Eventually, he sends Craig home. He shakes Craig's hand, but I don't think he means it.

Craig's dream when he came here was to get his own restaurant. That's not how it worked out. Ben and Matt are informed that they're pretty much screwed at the next opportunity. Vanessa is welcomed back. Jen is told not to stop. The contestants file through the kitchen back to the dorms.

Next week: Louross and Christina? Did Ben call Craig a bitch? Christina says that Jen stabbed her in the back. Vanessa tries to stay without a right hand. The men have troubles. More flames! One chef does the unthinkable! Chef Ramsay slaps Jen down (figuratively)!

Monty Ashley feels vaguely guilty that he was eating cheap snack food while watching this episode. He watches a lot of movies, which he writes about on Monty on Movies. You can email him at if that's your idea of a good time.

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