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After thirty minutes, the teams have to select a nominee. The women go around and eat each other's dishes, and it turns out that Vanessa did, in fact, make a pizza. Good! I guess I was just assuming she was laying back. Her pizza is heirloom tomato, tenderloin, caramelized onions, and mozzarella cheese. That sounds okay, but kind of normal. I'm nut sure you're going to get two hundred dollars for that. "Tenderloin" doesn't have the wow factor that "white truffle" does. The women's nominee is Jen's, which has herb crust with prosciutto, and then she drizzles a balsamic glaze on it. It also appears to have sundried tomatoes and, um, some kind of cheese. Corey likes it, especially because it's simple. The women now all band together to "perfect" the pizza.

Meanwhile, as usual, the men's team has accomplished nothing. There are only two pizzas finished. Nobody likes Matt's, except for Matt. Bobby has done something with Kobe steak and shrimp with Gorgonzola. And there's a salad in the middle of the pizza. He claims it's "surf and turf". Ben thinks Louross's pizza tastes like it's from "Pizza Shack", which goes over about as well as you'd expect. It can't even be from a name-brand pizza place? It has to be some generic knockoff? Ben's has duck confit, chanterelle mushrooms, white truffles, and, if I heard the last bit correctly, a duck l'orange. They decide to go with that. Now, this whole paragraph, there have been shots of Petrozza trying to get his pizza out of the oven, and Petrozza appears to be claiming both that no one tasted his pizza and that he was completely cut out of the decision-making process. My advice: finish your pizza earlier.

The dishes are served. Jen's is called "A little bit of Italy and a little bit of France." It's as described above, except that if there's cheese, it's not mentioned. And there's fried basil as a garnish. It sounds good, but there's no expensive-sounding ingredient. Ben's has a lot more fancy elements, although it looks like I did mishear that "duck a l'Orange" part. Too bad; that would certainly be memorable.

Commercials! The customized bumper shows a slice of pizza being taken out of a box, with the Hell's Kitchen logo underneath, sort of made out of melted cheese.

Back from commercials! The men's pizza has grit in the mushrooms, which is Ben's fault. In an interview, Matt is awfully smug about "some people's cooking skills" In the kitchen, he's got a really sullen expression, but he usually looks like that, I guess. Both pizzas taste good, but the women win. Jen is enthusiastic and quotes Rush Hour in an interview. The pizza will be on the next menu.

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