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Back from commercial, Vanessa explains that if she can't be here 100%, she doesn't want to be here. And she leaves, which seems to disappoint Chef Ramsay. Shayna's a little sanctimonious about it ("I thought she was tougher"). In her exit interview, Vanessa says that "Hell's Kitchen is an immersion in fire," which is surprisingly literal in her case.

All the chefs are rounded up and brought out to the parking lot, where they can see a plane towing a banner offering pizza delivery. The men will be delivering pizza in a tuk-tuk, but it's not clear to whom they will be delivering, since the banner didn't have a phone number or any way to order.

As Jean-Philippe is instructed to open Hell's Kitchen, I'd like to mention that my scorecard has the contestants with 24 bleeps and Chef Ramsay with none. He always comes on strong during the dinner service, but he's starting pretty far back this time.

Jen's on hot appetizers tonight, and she is determined to impress Chef Ramsay. It appears that it's working. Meanwhile, orders are coming in for pizzas. Supposedly. Ben will be delivering the pizzas in the middle of the dinner service! At least it will keep him from messing up any of the actual cooking. Matt's on hot appetizers for the men, and his very first plate has unacceptable eggs. Chef Ramsay makes him eat one, which leads to an uncomfortable interview where Matt just kind of stares at the camera. Bobby kicks Matt off of eggs and does it himself. It's the return of the "four-star general" line, which is really starting to seem creepy to me.

The first entrees for the red team has raw beef wellington, which is Shayna's station. Corey looks for help to Chef Ramsay, but he insists on the women talking to each other to solve problems, not asking him for help.

Ben sets out on his first pizza delivery, which makes me wonder what kind of neighborhood Hell's Kitchen is in. I would have thought it would be in an industrial area, but there appear to be apartments nearby. Also, it's funny to see someone driving a tuk-tuk.

Rosann has some substandard mashed potatoes, which generates a great deal of yelling and bleeping from Chef Ramsay. He moves Jen over onto the veg station, which (we're told) fixes the problem. On the men's side, Louross has some undercooked beef, which he puts back into the pan. From across the kitchen, Chef Ramsay observes that the pan is about to flame up. And then it does! He's really got a good eye for what's happening in the kitchen, which I think is why he gets so frustrated when other people aren't up to snuff.

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