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In the pre-service haranguing, Chef Ramsay emphasizes that even though it's a birthday party, they'll still be doing things to his standards. Then he alters the usual "Open Hell's Kitchen" to the even more ominous "Let the teenagers in." No good can come of that. And here they come! There's a red carpet with one photographer and flatscreens saying "Happy Sweet 16" and the "1" in "16" is a little pitchfork. Because of the "Hell" part. The guests come in and the men are more confident than the women. As far as we can tell. I mean, we only see some Bobby-Louross hand slapping and Corey mumbling something to Shayna.

Then Melissa is introduced by the party planner and there's a round of applause and it's kind of creepy if you ask me. The red team gets Melissa's table and Chef Ramsay demands more mushrooms. Pile them on! It's her birthday! And the men don't have enough sauce on their halibut! Bum bum bummm!

As Christina tries again with her risotto, Chef Ramsay sends it back again, this time for not having enough Parmesan. On the third try, it gets all the way to the table. And then we jump forward: forty-five minutes in, almost all the appetizers have been served. This strikes me as a huge improvement over previous services. Chef Ramsay heaps praise on Bobby's risotto.

The red team starts on Melissa's entrees (the beef is to be Medium Well!) and appear to get it right. The blue team has a VIP table of their own: Melissa's mother. She doesn't get to sit with her daughter? I realize the daughter probably doesn't want her mother at her table, but still. Who's paying for all this? Yes, I realize the actual answer is "Fox Broadcasting". Let's just get to the point: Melissa's mother's table's entrees are ready, except for the fish. Who's on fish? Matt is on fish! How long, Matt? No answer! Petrozza gloats in an interview, and then the food is out.

But Melissa has a problem with her food; she would like it cooked a little more. Indeed, it does not look medium well to me. By that, I mean that it looks delicious and pink inside. Melissa's crazy. On the other hand, it's her birthday party, so she should get her meat cooked however she likes. She's quite nice about it, but that's probably because she knows that Chef Ramsay will take care of the shouting. Actually, he's pretty direct about it and Rosann gets a replacement steak in the oven. Meanwhile, Melissa's mother's halibut has come back dry, which means that both kitchens have messed up and sent Chef Ramsay into one of those rages where he mostly kicks the trash can near the center of the kitchen.

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