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At this point, the party planner hops on the microphone in hopes of distracting everyone from the ranting Scotsman in the kitchen. Where's the fun in that?

I think this is a new commercial bumper with a match burning with a pitchfork flame. I believe it's intended to evoke birthday candles, but in a way that's vague enough that they can use it in other episodes.

So right now, Rosann is responsible for Melissa's undercooked beef and Matt is responsible for the mother's overcooked fish. They each come in for some personalized shouting, and Chef Ramsay rejects Rosann's replacement beef for also being undercooked. Finally, he orders Rosann off the station and cooks the beef himself, which is something he hardly ever does. It often seems like a struggle for him not to just do the cooking himself, and when it's the actual birthday girl's entree, I guess he couldn't help himself. The steak goes out and Melissa is pleased.

On the men's side, Bobby intercepts the mother's fish and brings it back to Matt, telling him that it's raw. Interesting power move there by Bobby, I think. I guess if he was on hot appetizers, he might not have any job to do at the moment, but I thought that sort of thing was the sous chef or head chef's responsibility. So Bobby shoves Matt out of the way and takes over on fish. Matt protests, "You know, you're acting like I'm doing a bad [bleep] job over here." Bobby responds in the only logical way: "You are!" He really is.

Matt mopeterviews that Bobby was acting crazy, but it looks to me like Bobby was "cooking food", which is kind of the point of the show. I don't think it's that crazy to do whatever you can to get Matt out of the way, either.

On the women's side, Shayna is late with some garnish, leading to Corey to interview thusly: "Shayna is very slow. She's slow in prep, she's slow during service. You know, she is overweight, and she can't really move fast." Oh dear. In my experience, when skinny blondes complain about how fat people are useless, the public reaction is not pretty. Anyway, Shayna is still having trouble with garnishes.

Chef Ramsay finally notices that Matt is not working the fish station and yells at Bobby. Then he whispers in Matt's ear, "You can only hide for so long." And his expression as he walks away is pure disdain. It's like a boxer looking at an opponent he does not respect and is about to maim. Matt is dumb enough to talk back, and gets a verbal beatdown.

Two hours into the service, both teams are finishing desserts. We appear to have skipped right through a course here. Both teams have completed their dinner service! And Melissa has a special surprise outside. It had better not be a car. If it is, I hope she has one of those crazy meltdowns where it's the wrong kind of car and that means her life is ruined.

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