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Day 6

Gordon Ramsay's Bleep-O-Fucking-Meter: 34
Rock's Bleep-O-Flipping-Out-Meter: 15
Best Ramsay Insult of the Night: "It looks like regurgitated dog shit."
Best Contestant Quote of the Night: "A grilled bullshit with some fucking apples. Originality! Be CREATIVE!" -- Rock

After the contestants retire to their rooms, Melissa goes to hang out with her new teammates, and already she's commanding attention and making speeches. After she loudly and gratingly announces that she will never sabotage her team, Rock, blissed out by finally getting to the end of a long-ass night, tells her, "But we run our kitchen a little different. We'll talk you to tomorrow. Tonight is all about everybody's still here." Meanwhile, Bonnie orders up a meeting in one of their rooms and tells Melissa, "Not you, bitch!" Damn, baby girl's suddenly got a mouth on her now! Bonnie gives her team a pep talk and ends it with, "Hug it out, my girls! You guys, I love you!" Yeah, just as long as none of them drops the Spirit Stick Blender, right?

The next day we find out -- all surprisingly -- that while Jen has been "passing" as a pastry chef, it turns out she's actually cooked in a few places. Not only that, but her pastry cheffery has been at some pretty swank places, like Morimoto and The Ritz. Jen tells us that she'd rather people not set the bar too high on her from the get-go. She'd rather fly under the radar as a small-town pastry chef so she can impress everyone when she brings it. Rock totally gets Jen's strategy, acknowledging that she wasn't lying, she was just holding back: "I like it, I appreciate it because that's gamesmanship, and this is a competition."

The Quickfire this week -- I know, I know, wrong show, but what else can I call it? Quickfire and Brimstone? -- has the contestants snagging live lobsters from a tank and then coming up with three separate lobster dishes per team. Bonnie is immediately dismayed by this turn of events and mewls up her face, pouting for the lost lobster lives. Of course, Ramsay notes this and asks what crustacean crawled up her butt. "Chef, I hate killing lobsters. I cry every time," Bonnie protests. "So do the lobsters," Rock awesomely rejoins. I love Rock. Ramsay tells her, "The quicker you put the knife through the head, the better." Bonnie snivels to us, grinning because I'm sure she thinks her admission makes her the cutest thing around, "I mean, I love to eat it -- it tastes great, but I hate to be responsible for killing something." If you're going to be a chef, you're gonna have to get over that attitude. Josh, because of identifying scallops as lobster in the taste test challenge, is ordered to sit this one out. He's not allowed to touch a lobster; he can only advise his team.

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