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Day 7

Back in front of Ramsay, Julia nominates Bonnie, explaining that Bonnie has "great culinary experience" but can't get the food out. Turning to the Blues, Ramsay asks Brad who they've nominated. Brad announces that they've nominated Brad because he took too much control over the menu. Ramsay asks Rock if that's true, "Not exactly. We voted on it, Chef. He tried to take the leadership reigns today -- we think that led us to being unsuccessful." How is that any different from what Brad said? Ramsay makes Brad and Bonnie step forward and asks Brad how he feels. Brad goes on about waiting in the wings and being a martyr and stepping forward and doing the right thing and going full force and I really don't know what he's talking about, but Rock must because he interrupts, "Say my name." All eyes turn to Rock. "You should just say my name, that's all," Rock shrugs. Everyone is quiet. Waiting. "If you're talking about me waiting in the wings, say 'Rock,'" Rock says. Brad admits, "I thought I'd be politically correct about it." "There ain't no being 'politically correct' -- we trying to win a competition. Say my name," Rock insists. Okay, the more times he says "say my name," the more sexual it sounds. Ramsay comments sourly on how great it is to see such strong team spirit and then asks both contestants to give reasons why they should stay. It's the predictable stuff: passion, good at what I do, leadership, desire to learn, do my best, etc. Ramsay looks around and says, "The person leaving Hell's Kitchen is...Bonnie --" She drops her head. "Wake up!" Ramsay continues. Bonnie snaps her head up and looks around with stagy confusion. "Brad, take your jacket off; you're leaving Hell's Kitchen." Brad complies. Ramsay VOs that he was looking for a leader but Brad was just a cook. Brad leaves and tells us that he was voted off because he was the best chef and Rock and Josh were threatened by him. After some words of teamwork wisdom, Ramsay sends the contestants off to bed.

Next week: ROCK CRIES! Oh, no! And Mariah might be in the house? As in Carey? Why?

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