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Jen-uinely Annoying

Gordon Ramsay's Bleep-O-Fucking-Meter: 20
Contestants' Bleep-O-Fucking-Meter: 32, mostly Jen-related
Contestant Quote of the Night: Nothing really jumped out at me, so let's just say it was that time Jen called Corey "a manipulative-ass bitch". That's about how classy the show was this week.

Last week: Matt and Ben got on each other's nerves. And everyone else's. The red team won the tasting challenge. Rosann and Petrozza got yelled at, and then Jen got kind of sulky. Ben got yelled at a lot. Matt apparently made some good risotto. Ben got tossed. Chef Ramsay asked for a volunteer to go from the red team to the blue team to even them out at four people apiece, and Matt made it clear that it wasn't going to be him.

This week: the following!

Back in the dorms, the remaining members of the blue team (Bobby, Petrozza, and Louross) talk without saying much. And on the red side, Corey and Rosann try to convince Jen to volunteer (while Christina and Matt are nowhere to be seen). Corey tries to frame it as a way for Jen to prove to herself that... something. Maybe she's not proving anything specific. Maybe she's just proving things in general. In an interview, Jen expresses the opinion that Corey is "a manipulative-ass bitch." I hope I've got that hyphen in the right place. It's possible that she was calling Corey "a manipulative ass-bitch."

With the teams lined up back down in the kitchen, Chef Ramsay asks for volunteers from the red team. No one steps forward at first, but then Jen takes the bullet. Figuratively. She tries to convince Gordon (and herself) that she's trying to feel out the competition and see who's strong and who's not. Again, I feel compelled to point out that it doesn't matter. Just don't serve up raw food and you'll probably do okay.

Jen gets a new jacket and goes over to stand next to the blue team. And it's time for the challenge! There are twenty things in each kitchen, and the chefs have to improvise up some dishes. That's four dishes per team, and all twenty items must be used. And no repeating dishes! So the first step is for the chefs to divide up the ingredients. We see Matt snacking on something, which I guess makes sense. You want to know what it all tastes like, right? And it looks like the giant crab might be alive, because it comes scuttling off the plate. Yikes!

The red team starts with a list of each ingredient and appears to be keeping track of things carefully. Meanwhile, the blue team is mostly standing around hypothesizing. Louross interviews that Jen was just claiming everything, but we don't see anyone but her talking. You'd think Louross could say "No, I want these five ingredients here, and now I'm going to go over there and make a dish out of them" if he felt so strongly about needing something. Ten minutes in, the red team is cooking and the blue team is still dividing things up. And then Matt cuts off the tip of his finger. Corey interviews that it was about a half inch of his finger. It looks pretty bad. And the medical personnel gets a second camera appearance.

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