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Jen asks Louross about the veal, "Why didn't you put it, like, right in the center of two pieces of fish?" That's where being a line cook pays off: you don't spend all that time obsessing on the perfect placement. Put the food on the plate and get it to the window! Louross doesn't have much of an answer for her, either. He just hems and haws and finally says he doesn't know. Then he interviews that putting veal next to his precious red snapper would have ruined everything.

Standing behind the dishes, Jen mutters to Louross to say that he rendered the veal in the sauce. That sounds pretty sketchy to me, even if it were true. And Louross doesn't appear to want to lie.

When Chef Ramsay asks if the teams used their time wisely and if they used all twenty items, we see the red team answering "Yes, chef!" to the first one. Then we hear them say "Yes, chef!" while we see Jen and Louross not answering. I'm not sure I entirely believe that they just stood there sourfaced while everyone else was enthusiastically answering. That's the sort of thing Ramsay notices.

Anyway, first dish: Christina vs. Petrozza. Christina made a fried crab meat and snapper in hollandaise. She used five ingredients and we are told that it is tasty. Ramsay likes the idea of using the eggs in a hollandaise. Petrozza has made a warm crab salad with an onion soufflé. Really? That sounds weird. But it apparently came off. They're both declared winners, so it's 1-1. Then they're told to piss off, but this isn't the angry "Piss off, will you?" It's just how Gordon says "Go away now."

Second dish: Jen and Matt. Jen made a pancetta-wrapped roasted quail using four ingredients. Matt did a pan-roasted quail on top of arugula using six ingredients. Chef Ramsay feels that Matt's quail tastes weird because the liver has tainted the flavor. Jen wins, so it's 2-1 blue.

Third: Corey and Bobby. Corey made a Columbian sour lemon chicken with braised artichokes (three ingredients). Chef Ramsay declares it to be "tasty, but a bit of a disappointment." Bobby made a walnut-encrusted buffalo-mozzarella chicken with a balsamic glaze, and I think he would have kept talking if Chef Ramsay hadn't cut him off. There are six ingredients included, and I note that this is not the first time that Bobby's gone to the buffalo chicken well. The glaze is deemed "horrendous", and Corey wins. 2-2.

Fourth: Rosann vs. Louross. Rosann has a pan-seared veal (bone-in) with a cream sauce, garlic, onion, watercress, and oven-roasted potatoes. "Six ingredients" says Chef Ramsay, which does indeed make twenty. Chef Ramsay thinks it looks bad with the bone in. Louross did red snapper with oyster mushroom sauce and preserved lemon. And then he keeps talking, trying to decide if he's going to claim to have used the veal. He ends up not doing so (good for him!) and Ramsay likes the dish. Louross cops to only using four items (Jen: "Stupid ass." What's with all the ass talk?) and Chef Ramsay demands to know where the veal is.

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