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As the red team returns, they're all wearing some kind of matching T-shirt I can't identify. The power of HDTV is useless against this So You Think You Can Dance ad taking up a quarter of my screen. Jen sulks in an interview, and Bobby feels that she should shake it off.

Hey! The moon is not full! It's pretty big, but it's not full.

It is morning and everyone's getting ready for dinner service. Jen is all over Louross, telling him what to do and everything that she feels he's doing wrong. Petrozza interviews that he does not care for the bickering. On the red side, everything's fine. Except that Matt still kind of bugs me even when he's happy.

Chef Ramsay asks the red team what it's like not having Jen. After a pause, Christina decides to go with honesty: "Great, chef." Jen narrows her eyes and nods a little. I think Christina just got added to a list of some sort. Corey bites her lip with glee, which doesn't sound entirely safe. Jen claims that the blue team is working together, which I doubt.

The twist tonight is that there will be food critics in the kitchen, and they'll be informing Chef Ramsay's decision. Then we get to the real meat: Jen's inevitable vindictive ranting interview about Christina: "What did Christina say, how did it feel without Jen, great? Yeah. Oh, hell no. The minute I switched over to the blue team, them bitches was backstabbing me and now I'm just the enemy. It is on tonight." Yeah, yeah, you hate everyone. Got it. Hell's Kitchen is open!

As the diners arrive, we're tipped off that the critics are: a woman in pink (Sophie Gayot, Gayot Guides) and a bald gentleman in a grey shirt (Merril Schindler, Los Angeles Zagat). They order the same thing from each kitchen, which seems like it would make it easy to tell which table is theirs: it's the one with two of everything on it. It's also the only one getting both blue and red dishes. Anyway, they order scallops and risotto (both times two).

On the red team, Corey acts like a leader, asking if anyone needs help. Chef Ramsay messes with her head a little, but ends up complimenting her risotto. After an extreme close-up, the critics approve as well. Now the blue team needs to generate appetizers for the critics (and, presumably, all the other tables as well). So Louross and Jen need to work together. Louross's scallops are a bit slow to plate, but Chef Ramsay heaps praise on them, calling them perfect. Cut to a Louross interview where he doesn't even talk; he just smiles at the camera. Well done, editors. And the critics seem to like it.

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