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As the red team starts up on entrees, it's Matt's turn. And before he even starts cooking, he gets yelled at for having beef that's wildly different sizes. The three pieces we see do span a pretty wide range. The small tenderloin is about half the size of the big one. Ouch. After Chef Ramsay walks away, Matt tells the rest of the team, "Let's wake up, guys." Just as I'm about to type something mean about him, he adds "Especially me."

The blue team hits entrees, which is Petrozza, and Jen is over his shoulder scolding him immediately with "I really wouldn't do that if I was you, Petrozza." He's cutting the tenderloin three minutes before Louross will be ready with the fish (which lets out all the juice, which is where the flavor lives). Chef Ramsay calls him on it, and Jen goes into a festival of smirking. Petrozza's explanation is that he wanted to look inside, although Chef Ramsay prefers the less intrusive method of touching the outside. There is a two-minute wait for the salmon, which Chef Ramsay prefers to spend berating Petrozza. Even the commercial bumper focuses on delicious meat juices.

Back from commercial, we're told that it's 55 minutes in and all the customers have finished their appetizers. Bobby is trying to calm the blue team and keep them from panicking and Jen is doing better than Petrozza at keeping track of what will be needed. On the red team, Corey is acting as leader, which means that when Chef Ramsay doesn't get an answer for how long the salmon will be, Corey makes Christina answer him. The salmon shows up, but it's burnt on one side and Christina says it will be seven minutes for replacement fish. Chef Ramsay can't believe Christina can't cook two things at once. She tries explaining that she's already got several things cooking, but gets told to shut up.

Chef Ramsay and Corey harass Christina into putting more salmon on immediately, and it ends up acceptable. This does not keep Ramsay from calling her a "[bleep] lazy cow" and asking her, "Tonight's not your night, is it?" Christina enthusiastically answers "No, chef!"

The critics don't seem to love the salmon (from Christina). Schindler (male, grey shirt, Zagat -- you are paying attention, aren't you?) says it has a "vague flavor, but not a great flavor," while Gayot opines that "it's very, um, peppery." Louross's salmon does better, being described as "more flavorful". And the critics are also noting that the red team is slowing down, since the blue side's diners all have entrees and none of the red side's do.

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