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The slowdown appears to be at Rosann's station, because no one has garnish. And there's a big fire in her pan. It sure seems like this season has had a lot of fires, doesn't it? And she's out of carrot puree, which seems to be depressing Chef Ramsay.

On the blue side, things are going well. On the red side, Chef Ramsay can tell from across the kitchen that Matt's beef is raw. Christina wants to know how long it will be, but Matt is dispirited and says he doesn't even know anymore. The replacement beef is overcooked, and it enrages Chef Ramsay. Would Matt serve it to a critic? No? But he would give it to Ramsay to serve to a critic? And so on. Matt is thrown out of the kitchen. No, the whole red team is thrown out.

Matt feels bad. So does Corey. The blue team is hustled over to the red team's side to finish out the service. In an interview, Jen cackles with glee. I'm serious: actual cackling. It's hard to come off well when you cackle, and Jen doesn't come close. For some reason, the phrase "That's what you get, bitches" doesn't make you very appealing.

The last dish is creme brulee, which I'm too tired to bother putting the fancy accents in.

Down in the kitchen, the red team gets beaten down while the blue team is pleased with themselves. Corey is declared "best of the worst" and is in charge of picking the nominees. The negotiations aren't very complicated, because she has to pick two of the other three people. So each person takes a turn to say "Here's why you should pick the two people that aren't me" and then we're back down in the dining room.

Corey's first nominee is Matt "for his performance tonight" and her second is Rosann because "I never wanna work with her in a kitchen ever again during service". Ouch! Chef Ramsay also wants Christina to step forward, because he really doesn't care that much about the rules on this show, whatever they are in the first place.

Christina, defend yourself: "I can do better." Also, she's a fighter. Rosann? "The more I stay in Hell's Kitchen, the more I'm learning here." Apparently, that's good enough. Back in line, Rosann. Matt? Matt has nothing specific to stay. So who's leaving? Rosann is. So why'd he send her back to the line? That was weird and pointless. And it made Matt smirk, which I do not approve of.

Jen shouts in an interview some more, which I think I've had about enough of.

Next week: Jen annoys people. Dueling menus. Things are raw! Things are disgusting! Someone's sweaty! Chef Ramsay does some kind of pointless stunt during the elimination! Just like this week!

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