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Day 8

Gordon Ramsay's Bleep-O-Fucking-Meter: 30 (including one in front of children, if you need something to clutch your pearls over)
Best Ramsay Food Insult of the Night: "We cook spaghetti to order. Even the fucking dirtiest, scummiest Italian restaurant in Venice Beach cooks spaghetti to order."
Best Contestant Quote of the Night: "Oh my God, that cleanses your booty." -- Jen, on discovering the bidet
Amount of Keckler's shtick stolen by LTG: Lots

We open with the chefs returning to the dorm, all pretty shocked that Brad got the boot while Bonnie was allowed to stay. Rock continues his gamesmanship when he interviews about how glad he was to get rid of a strong competitor and then tries to play mind games with Josh. Bonnie has the line of the scene when she asks everyone, "Do you think I'm entertaining? Is that why I'm still here?"

The next morning, Chef Ramsay welcomes the remaining chefs to final five, and combines them on to one team. It's a rare feel-good moment as all of the chefs toast their success with a glass of champagne. And then Chef Ramsay douses them with champagne as the celebration continues. He actually aims the stream of champagne at Josh's gaping maw and tells him, "You have a new talent. You can catch champagne." Doesn't "new" suggest that there was some other talent to begin with? Because I haven't seen it.

The good feelings continue as the champagne-soaked chefs hit the dorms to get the new jackets for their united team. The red and blue stripes have been replaced with black, and they are pretty spiffy looking. And people are still being nice to each other. I'd complain, but I know it won't last long.

And now it's time for the first truly individual challenge. Chef Ramsay tells the chefs that they'll be cooking for trendsetters, but he doesn't give them any more info than that as the chefs are blindfolded and lead off to the car. Josh thinks they must be cooking for movie stars, and Julia thinks it might be doctors or nurses (because of a comment Ramsay made about cooking for people with their finger on the pulse of tomorrow). But Jen has the best (and worst) line of the scene when she interviews, "We're cooking for trendsetters. If it's Mariah, or if it's the Rock, I will pee my pants." I'd pee my pants too, but only because I'd be excited about using a time machine to travel back to 1996, the last time either of those people might have been considered "trendsetters." Although, if Jen has spent the last ten years locked in a windowless kitchen with no access to the media, that would explain a lot of things.

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